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    I started L1D1 on Monday. It is now Wed, and after work when i get home, I’m going to have to do L1D2… and I am *still* sore from Monday. I’m moving really slow right now; my thights are sore from squats, and my arms still feel weak.

    Does it get better? Will I always be sore, since I’ll always be (hopefully) progressing in levels?


    Sounds like my first week. Nope, you won’t be like this. Day 1 is rough, and usually an easy warm-up/stretch before starting day 2 will help a lot (my first week, I started day 2 and the first round was rough, every other one was better). I usually find a wall or chair and do some standing push-ups, just to get my muscles use to the motion. With pull-ups, I hang from the bar (with feet on the ground) to stretch the arm muscles. Squats is just doing 1 or 2 every minute or so and some other leg stretches.

    So…. long and short, it will be better starting next week and definitely by week 3. :D


    I agree with Andy. A good light warmup. Start your level and just take it slow and easy. If your struggling just slow down, increase the time between sets, or even stop all together.

    You will definitely get over that hump and be feeling much better about it over time.


    Same here!

    I was very sore for the second workout when I started. In fact, as I have gotten a little older, the soreness seems to be more prevelent two days after the activity.

    I’m not sure of any research related to the physiology of this, but I remember being sore the very evening after the first, back to school workout in college. This usually was resolved by the next afternoon.

    Best to keep moving (ibuprofen helped me).


    Yeah, that initial soreness will go away after 1 or 2 weeks you are just not adjusted yet.

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