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    Hi guys,

    I’m brazilian, 28. I met simplefit this week and after reading some posts and pages from site I still have some doubts:

    1) What would lead me to choose among basic, intermediate, advanced or tabata bodyweight exercises? Would be get max level (8) in basic exercise, then after goes for next type of exercise (e.g. intermediate) and so on?

    2) For someone that reach the Level 8 in the basic workout, could actually do the exercises in slow pace, as the site tells, close to 5 to 10 minutes? In the logs of the forum seems people try to do as fast as possible, or I get it wrong? Moreover, in the D1, for to do the max rounds as possible in 20min, should we train as fast as possible too?

    3) a) Is required to do rest between exercises in D2? b) Are the 3 minutes quoted on the site the maximum or the minimum? If it is max, so what is the min?

    4) Is need to do D1 and D3 with rest/break too? Some limit (min/max)?

    Thanks in advance!



  • It’s really up to you. You could move all the way through Beginner Level 8 before trying an intermediate workout, or you could mix an Intermediate, Advanced, or Tabata workout into your Beginner routine. Or switch to Intermediate or Advanced if you get bored with Beginner.

    Tabata is definitely there to spice up the other workouts, not to be done on its own.

  • I made it to Level 8, but to beat Level 7, not only did I use kipped pull-ups, I didn’t use full range of motion on the pull-ups or push-ups. That said, I still had to rest a few times during the workout and break up my sets of pull-ups and push-ups. So, maybe, if you get yourself into the sort of condition where you can do all of the exercises with NO interruption, you could beat Level 7 with good form. I have my doubts about beating Level 8.

  • The rest is required…

  • …but the amount really is up to you. The idea on Day 2 is to do all of the exercises with perfect form and without interruption. The rest ensures that you won’t go to failure.
  • On Days 1 and 3, rest as much as you need to and as little as possible as rest will negatively impact your results.

Many thanks cheapo! :-)

I appreciate your time spent answering questions.

You have clarified my doubts.

Do you do only simplefit since 2008 (other than sport, I think you play hockey, right?) to reach your current fitness, physical shape and endurance?

And, do you have any dietary similar to Paleo Diet (low-carb, high protein, intermittent fasting)?

Thanks again!

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