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    So I managed to get past level one and then things went south quickly for personal reasons (two words: ex-wife, housemate). I fell off the nutrition plan hard and didn’t do a workout for 5 days.

    I just got back on today with level 2 and managed 19 reps on day 1. Beats the hell out of me how I managed that many. My weight gain in those 5 days was nearly half the weight I lost in 3 weeks on the nutrition plan though, so I need to get that under control.

    Oh, on a strange note for anyone who had any ideas on how to make the nutrition plan work with my work environment: I work at a Jewish affiliated institution, and for religious reasons we’re not allowed to bring in meat products from home. Even though my kitchen is kosher, they don’t want to have to trust some employees and not others, hence the outright ban. I’m looking for ways to prepare meals according to the nutrition plan without meat that I can cook well ahead of time and bring into work and store. I could try IF and set my window to post work hours, but I’m so hungry when I start that it never works.

    Thanks again

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