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    Hey, I know that I didn’t log write about my first three weeks here, but I’m too happy about getting past level one that I decided to start.

    Time for day 3 was 3:57. The pullup form really started down at about rep 8, but I feel like it was good enough to still count, though the last one was a bit sketchy.

    I’m gonna try to throw in some core stuff more regularly now. Planks look like my best bet since the ridiculous way my house is set up makes l-sits nearly impossible without my feet being into a wall. Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


    Hey, welcome!

    Good time on D3. Your pull up form will improve, L2 gives you more volume, so go ahead and give it a try.

    The plank is a fantastic exercise, but if you need more in a confined space I’d suggest the V-up, and the superman


    Thanks for the suggestions. I just finished L2D3 at 6:36, so I feel like I’m at the right level. There’s good room for improvement, but I don’t feel like my time is so high that I’ll never get to sub 5 minutes.

    Those last two pullups were absolutely brutal.


    After getting through level 2 in the week following the last post (around 4:30 on day 3), I did my rest week and oh my lord what an improvement. My day 1 had 4 times as many reps as when I started and my day 3 was at almost 1/10 my original time. What a difference a month makes.

    Anyway, today was my L3D1. I got 20. Not bad, considering that the number of pullups doubled. I think I kept my form pretty well through the whole thing.

    Simplefit rocks.


    Great job!!


    Okay I just did L3D3 with a time of 5:42. Those extra pullups are killer, but I got through with minimal form breakdown. To think, in mid-august I was doing subs at L1. I’ll obviously want to shave that down for next week.

    It’s been a low level week as far as my dancing is concerned, (my instructor’s father passed away, so he’s out of town for a while) so I need to figure out how to throw in more cardio stuff for my simplefit off days.

    With just one and a half more week of Jewish holidays left (we have 4 big ones right in a row for 4 consecutive weeks) I’m hoping to get my nutrition back on track. I just cant stop myself from pigging out at the big holiday meals.


    “Okay I just did L3D3 with a time of 5:42. Those extra pullups are killer, but I got through with minimal form breakdown. To think, in mid-august I was doing subs at L1”

    Impressive! keep up the great work


    Okay I just finished my second week at level 3. I came in a JUST under 5 minutes. I’m a little unsure about moving to level 4 just yet. It’s close to time for another rest week, so maybe I’ll do another at L3 to check my time again, then do my rest week, then try level 4.

    BTW, does anyone know why it always seems like when I’m about to have a breakthrough in time at D3 or sets at D1, my D2 time always gets worse? It doesn’t make much sense to me, but it’s been a pretty consistent pattern.


    I wouldn’t sweat it. There are a lot of possible reasons. I wouldn’t worry about it much.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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