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    Looking at the intermediate program. Since you are recommending doing L-hang and planks for time in the workouts, What time frame did you have in mind to do these? 30 seconds per? For example L3D2 has 10 L-hangs and 10 planks.

    Just assuming you do 20 rnds total at 30 seconds is 10 minutes or did you intend it to be a shorter time frame for each repetition?

    I would think in L-hangs you would bring your legs into position and hold it for time, release, and repeat. But in planks you basically get in position, hold for time. Are you recommending 10 sets with a rest between sets? or does the 10 refer to the time?

    for example:

    set 1: plank 30 sec

    rest ?? sec

    set 2: plank 30 sec

    rest ?? sec

    set 3: plank 30 sec

    rest ?? sec


    10 refers to the time

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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