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    Can someone provide a link or some info on Intermittent Fasting, what are the guidelines for it and why it works?


    Intermittent fasting is when ones eats during a small window each day maybe between noon and 6pm.

    The benefits you may notice are

    Better body composition (more muscle less fat)

    more energy

    enhanced concentration

    better sports performance

    More stable blood sugar throughout the day

    Here is some info on IF


    Check out this site. Download and read the ebook (its free).” class=”bbcode_url”>


    I checked out all the info … i really appreciate the help guys.


    I am not overweight, I actually weigh close to the optimum for my age (I’m 16). I still do have fat on my abs and legs. And I do want to build some muscle (currently I frequent a gym, in 1.5 months I’ll have 1.5 months to test simplefit, as my gym membership will be paused for the summer).

    The fast 5 book says teenagers should not attempt this eating plan. Should I rather eat 7 hours a day? Or is IF really bad for my health as a growing kid?


    Hi TexasMike

    I’m in no way an expert in nutrition, have only a couple of basic notions. BUT I must say that eating only in a time frame as limited as that will probably be best suited to people that have the time and patience to do it and do not have a very active life.

    Follow this: you wake up in the morning, feel like running (sod the “i’m bulking so i can’t run” BS) and go for jog. After that, are you not gonna feel hungry?

    What about in the afternoon? Before exercising you should charge on protein, afterwards on both protein and some carbs… if the diet specifies there is no limits, there is a chance you may end up choosing incorrectly isn’t there?

    Usually after that I have MA practice. Though light to moderate intensity, it can go up to 90 minutes of weapon swinging. So my “feeding window” may close during practice. What will my body feast on after practice? Exclusively fat? Sorry, I just can’t believe it.

    I tend to believe some of the important things my body tells me: if someone is giving me a armlock and it’s hurting like hell, maybe I should quit; I go running in the sun and start seeing some white flashes and hearing all wrong, maybe I should stop; I feel really hungry and the stomach hurts, I’m already way past snack time and will probably over-compensate the next meal…

    Once again, I admit I’m no expert. But I’m interested in nutrition. One of the things I’ve read time and time again, both in mags and recent books and sites, is that one should eat more often good meals (correct amounts of determined foods in accordance with the time of day and energetic needs). This idea is preached by bodybuilders, athletes, martial artists and all kinds of sports people. Somehow I feel inclined to believe it. I for one can’t imagine a Ronaldinho or a Pramuk or a Federer following such a diet…

    Just my 10 cents


    Once fat adapted you energy is utilized differently by the body and many of cross fit monsters utilize IF with great sucess.

    I personally can sustain extremely high energy output for long periods of time while doing IF.

    I have also done zone style and had great success with that as well.

    Bottom line is try for yourself and see what works best for you.

    The key factor for me in regards to being able to maintain good body comp and sustain high physical output is choosing high quality carbohydrate from

    (fruit/vegetable) sources and macro nutrient ratios around zone 40/30/30 to .5 carb zone.

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