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    I started reading these articles and doing this workout program about one month ago. This site has been a major motivation for me to change my lifestyle and I would like to thank all the members who have made it such an informative and encouraging place.

    My name is Alex and I am currently a high school senior (graduating next week), 5’11” tall and 125 lbs. My primary fitness goal is for endurance, but adding muscle mass and gaining strength is a close second.

    After reading the articles linked on this site I believe I have a basic understand of how to go about exercising, but I still have questions regarding nutrition. I have not been able to find information for young skinny people like me, so I have refrained from making any changes to my diet. That means I am eating primarily bread/pastas, meat, and junk in that order. I know I can improve on this diet, but am unsure of what to try. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


    LOTS of meat fruit and vegetables and fat

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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