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    Iron Feather

    Okay, let’s get this started:

    12 March 2011:

    L1D1: 44 rounds

    14 March 2011:

    L1D2: 4 min 14 sec

    L1D3 tomorrow. Hopefully I’ll get it under the 5 minute mark. The chin-ups will be the biggest problem, I think. (I use the chin-up variation at the moment. I’ll start mixing them with pull-ups once I get, erm, the hang of it.)


    Hey, welcome aboard!


    Welcome, great start!

    I have seen great benefits with this program so far and I keep progressing!

    Good luck!

    Iron Feather

    Thanks guys! :)

    16 March 2011


    Chin-ups: 3+2+2+2+1

    Push-ups: 21

    Squats: 21

    Time: 3:23.4


    I’ll start level 2 next week. I expect that real troubles start there. I need to cut some serious weight if I want to keep progressing.


    Way to go!


    Well done!

    Iron Feather

    19 March 2011

    Crossfit! I found out that there is an affiliate nearby, so I went to have a test run with a friend. Here’s the workout:

    7 minutes AMRAP:

    7 x box jump (with 60 cm high box)

    7 x kettlebell swing (I used a 16 kg kbell)

    7 x push-up

    Result: 5+14

    Damn, it was devastating! Brutal! I think that I’ll need to be at least at level 4 or 5 before trying again. I’m glad that I found SimpleFit so I’ll have efficient means to improve my basic fitness.

    Also, my lower back is killing me right now. I’ve hurt it before while weightlifting and I guess those hurried kb-swings didn’t agree with it.

    Oh well, L2D1 tomorrow!

    Iron Feather

    21 March 2011


    38 rounds.

    I felt incredibly sluggish today. Maybe it was the Saturday’s crossfit session or maybe lack of sleep is finally getting to me. Anyway, I feel that I could have done better but I guess I’m happy with this result, considering the circumstances.

    Oh, and I jumped to the first squat straight from the push-up. Is this ok?

    Iron Feather

    23 March 2011

    L2D2: 5:11.1

    I was really surprised that I was able to do all the chin-ups in straight sets, without resting between reps. The last set was hard though, but I made it. The chin-ups are still the hardest part for me, although it’s getting more even with longer sets of push-ups and squats.

    Iron Feather

    25 March 2011


    13 chin-ups (3+2+2+2+1+1+1+1)

    26 push-ups (1×26)

    26 squats (1×26)

    Time: 3:52.8


    The chin-ups are obviously still the hardest part, but I really started to feel the push-ups too!

    Iron Feather

    27 March 2011

    Boxing training with friends. Alternating rounds with focus mitts and heavy bag. Afterwards we hit the gym and I did chest press, lat pull-downs and cable wood chops.

    Iron Feather

    30 March 2011


    26 rounds

    Iron Feather

    1 April 2011

    L3D2: 5:12.2

    Ach, now I realize that I should’ve recorded the time for each round separately. Oh well, next time.

    I’m very pleased with the chin-up progress: this time I could do them with much purer form, with less kipping and felt more comfortable doing them. Something I wouldn’t have believed just a few weeks ago.

    Squats are still the easiest part. Maybe I’ll do them prisoner-style next time if I don’t get to level 4.

    Iron Feather

    4 April 2011


    16 chin-ups (3+2+2+2+2+2+1+1+1)

    33 push-ups (30+3)

    33 squats

    Time: 4:17.4

    Made it, ma! Level 4! Just barely, though – a couple more chin-ups and I wouldn’t have made it. I have a feeling that I’ll spend a looong time at L4. That’s all right, I have all the time in the world!

    Iron Feather

    7 April 2011


    24 rounds in 20 minutes. Funny thing, the pull-ups were giving me trouble again, but then I remembered a trick from an article I read a while back: I started to lean back a little bit and pulled towards my rib cage. Boom! Instant power-up!

    It’s raining outside. Glad I didn’t have to go out for my exercise :)

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