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    … or am I?

    I have been doing this for a couple of workouts now and am starting to improve and there is one thing that is bugging me. My level of workout is still nr 1 that is do this and repeat :




    Now being in the shape I am I can do about 20-30 push-ups and at least the same amount of squats but doing just 1 pull-up takes really a lot of effort. So in my workout I have replaced the pull-up with pulling about 50 kg (about half my weight) three times in a machine instead. So doing the level 1 workout for me now looks like this instead :

    3 pulls of 50 kg with a wide bar

    2 push-ups

    3 squats

    With this I can do about 1 round per minute and am quite dead after the workout is complete. If I replace the 3 pulls with one pull-up instead the first 3 rounds work fine but then it goes more and more time to just do 1 pull-up.

    And looking at the different parts I think 1 pull-up is so much harder then doing the 2 push-ups + 3 squats or is that just me?


    Maybe you can try doing as many rounds as you can with pull-ups and then when it gets too hard to do the pull-ups, you can switch to your substitution exercise and keep going from there. Gradually, you’ll build up how many rounds you can do with pull-ups. For example, you say you can doo 3 rounds with pull-ups right now but it gets too hard after that. Well, on the fourth round, use your substitute exercise and keep on going. The nest time, try going 4 rounds with pull-ups, then 5, etc…

    I think pull-ups are generally the hardest of the exercise for mostly everyone. However, I think this program also shows how out of balance most people are, even those who lift weights. I lifted weights since high-school but I’ve never been good at pull-ups. Now, I can perform more pull-ups than ever before in my life. I think the body is out of balance if it can do 30 non-stop pushups, 50 non-stop squats but only 1 or 2 pull-ups.


    Here is another option

    You can get them here

    They can also be used to add resistance to squats, pretty cool.


    Just a thought too…

    One of the things I like about Crossfit is the way they try to hit your weaknesses. Coach Glassman really preaches that you must hit what hurts you most and you must really work beyond your capacity to do it.

    When I started I was barely doing two pullups but I kept that Mantra in my head and I’ve been pushing ever since.

    If your not struggling your not pushing. Push (or pull in this case heh) till you absolutely can’t push anymore. Then do it again… Then do it again… Then do it again…

    Now having said that I realize that the Simplefit motto is not to go to failure and I believe this works very well because I haven’t really gone to failure yet and have made amazing progress. At the same time I keep pushing to work harder and harder. Every time I work out I try to beat my time or get one more round.

    I fix that goal in my head and go for broke. And I talk too much. What I’m trying to say is do a little bit better each workout.

    I promise you will see results. Just hang tough and keep Push… er Pulling!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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