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    Background: 27-year-old male, 5’8″ and 175 pounds. Actually last weigh-in was on Friday at 172, down from about 181 a month ago. I’m not athletic but have some muscle mass due to genetics (uncle was a champion bodybuilder) but plenty of fat to go along as well. I rarely work out, but play hockey recreationally. Did I mention I’m in absolutely horrible shape, never really was in that great a shape (except in college when I was skinny fat at 135), and have no upper body strength? I think my max bench press ever is about 100 pounds.

    Goals: To drop bodyfat (would be very happy in the 15% range, currently at 22.5%), to improve cardio conditioning (right now I’m frequently winded and cough a lot playing hockey), and to improve functional strength. This program should really help with the latter two while my diet will target the first.

    Diet: Mostly Atkins…tons of meat and veggies, very little fruit right now but adding a bit in, just added in nuts and seeds, a fair amount of dairy which poses no problems.

    Equipment: Iron Gym pullup bar and some cheap pushup bars to prevent wrist pain.

    Starting at Level 1:

    9/1 – L1D1 – 10 rounds

    Notes: 5 rounds required pullup assistance, first 5 were from dead hang.

    9/3 – L1D2 – 6:47 total

    Notes: Ballparked the time because I forgot to do 3 substitutes for each pullup the first couple rounds.

    9/5 – L1D3 – 5:51

    Notes: Pushups and pullups are definitely my limiting factors.

    9/7 – L1D1 – 18 rounds

    Notes: Performed first 9 rounds from dead hang, last 9 were jump/negative (3 substitutes per round). Came down with a cold and had low energy but was surprised to see improvement. Tried using dumbbells for squats but that threw off my form, then tried single-leg squats but that put too much pressure on my joints and form was horrible. Will just stick with regular squats for now.

    Overally I’m really impressed by the few people who have been brave enough to post photos on this site! I also am amazed how well this works as a cardio exercise. For easily half an hour afterwards I’m still feeling it, and my heart rate was up to 150-160 right after I finished.


    welcome to SF jarick – looks like you’re already noticing the benefits of this program!!!


    9/9 – L1D2 – 3:50

    :38 (3 dead hang)

    :38 (3 dead hang)

    :41 (1 dead hang + 3 jump chins)

    :54 (1 dead hang + 3 jump chins)

    :59 (6 jump chins)

    Full two minute improvement! Still struggling a bit with the pushups but I have way more energy and strength on them now and can actually feel a bit of a pump in my biceps and pecs afterwards. Did some squats after to help with the legs but the 10x squats was hitting them a lot more than the 3x squats for day 1.

    Cardio got going enough to make me a bit lightheaded, which is what happens when I play hockey or run…probably just from lack of food/water. Need to eat now!


    9/11 – L1D3 – 4:31, on to level 2.

    Did all pullups from dead hang except the last 2 (did six jumping chin/pull). Pushups slowed me down. Squats no problem. Still dizzy at the end of exercise but I guess that’s life.


    Over the last couple weeks, I’ve gained about 3-4 pounds and my waist has gone up slightly. From the calculations, it looks like I’ve put on a couple pounds of muscle and a couple pounds of fat, so I need to clean up my diet. After doing some reading, I think I’m going to add some carbs to my diet through sprouted wheat bread, whole grain oatmeal mix, and more beans. Also going to up the veggies and add a little fruit and cut back on the heavy fats a bit. Just to add some balance.

    Lastly, I’ve got these prominent blue veins all over my chest and arms now…throws me off a bit. Reminds me of when I was 135 in college and starving and my arms were all veins.


    Up another couple pounds, or only down about 1 pound from my starting weight. Very concerned. Didn’t change diet much…so I’m going to be ticked off if this doesn’t all come off in the next couple days. And the doctor wants to up my dosage of Lexapro for anxiety, which makes me put on weight.


    9/13 – L2D1 – 16 rounds

    Did all pullups from dead hang except for a set near the end where I did three jump pullups which I tried to really focus on the hitting the upper back (push off the ground slightly and then pull up and squeeze the shoulders together as I try and get my shoulders above the bar).

    I’m definitely a lot stronger now in pullups and pushups. Would have gone for another set but the damn cat snuck over and laid down in front of my pushup bars…when I go down all the way I pause and exhale, and I blew all over the cat, which made me laugh so hard I couldn’t concentrate anymore.

    Anyways, I’m past the point where I’m struggling to just complete the reps and instead trying to pause in the middle of the exercise and slowly perform each rep rather than just explode through it. I’m not sure if that’s better or not, but my weightlifter friends were all about slow reps.

    Also, I’m doing squats very slowly and trying to balance about 80-90% of my weight on the heels the whole time. It makes me engage the core more and I can feel it more in my quads rather than just kind of crouching down and hearing cracking knees. I know the Crossfit video had them bouncing up and down, but this seems like it would be more effective for my goals (strong legs for hockey).

    Finally, I’m going to start doing interval sprints on off days. I need to increase my oxygen capacity as well as keep the metabolism going as fast as possible…and apparently just this alone and dieting isn’t doing the trick.


    9/15 – L2D2 – screwed up and did three rounds of L1D2 instead, then completely hit the wall. Could not due any more workouts. Not sure what happened, although I’m sure change in medication and generally not sleeping well play a part.


    Took the weekend off because I had a hockey tournament.

    Very cool thing happened. I’ve been coughing for 15-20 minutes after every time I play for nearly five years now. I’ve had a few different inhalers because they thought I had sports asthma, but nothing worked. This weekend I played three games in 24 hours.

    I didn’t cough at all after any of the games.

    The ONLY thing different is that I’ve been doing this workout, and only for a month (not even).

    I don’t want to speak too soon, but even if that’s the only result I get from doing this, I am 1000% satisfied. It is so awesome not having guys giving me shit in the locker room for coughing after games anymore!

    This next week will be a recover week. Won’t try anything as I heal up (terribly sore and both wrists are mildly sprained) but will attempt L1D2 & L1D3 on Wednesday/Friday.


    Wrist is still sprained so I will take the rest of the week off. Falls on a rest week anyway…

    I reviewed my diet and what worked for me in the past, and I’m going to adjust it for more protein and less fat. When I lost 50 pounds in 9 months in college, I was on Herbalife and drinking two protein shakes per day along with a protein bar or two and then a low carb dinner.

    Reviewing all the supplements, a single multivitamin and an omega 3 supplement should cover everything, so I’m going to have a protein shake with added fiber (psyllium husk) and flaxseed oil for breakfast, a big salad for lunch, a meat and veggie dinner, and either a smaller protein shake or some cottage cheese with protein powder for dinner.


    9/27 – L2D1 – 16 rounds, did first 14 rounds dead hang pullups.

    Not bad considering I took a week and a half off. My wrist healed up somewhat this weekend and I didn’t need to wrap it and had no pain. Just can’t bend it too far forward right now.

    Also figured out what was going on with my diet and weight gain…I was skipping breakfast and doing low carb at first with success, then started eating breakfast and stalled, then started eating carbs and was gaining. I went back to the original plan of skipping breakfast and eating a stricter paleo diet (i.e. lots of meat and fat, veggies, and fruits without any grains, starches, and less dairy) and dropped about four pounds again.


    9/29 – L2D2 – 5:32






    Today was BRUTAL. That is a tough workout. My heart rate got up pretty high and I got dizzy, but I took 3-4 minutes between sets and drank water. Had an apple beforehand and actually half a bagel with some fruit a couple hours before, which I normally wouldn’t, but I knew I’d need some carbs.

    I’m happy because not only did I beat my first L1D2 score, but I used no pullup subs! Yes I did “kip” a bit, but hey, I’m getting stronger. And pushups are easier. Squats are getting tougher at these numbers, which is good.


    My man! Always nice to see another hockey player in here and glad to see someone tearing it up the way you’ve been doing with this program. Best of luck in reaching your goals!


    Thanks! I’ll admit your progress was an inspiration to start up and to keep going! If I can get half the results you did I’ll be a happy man :D


    10/1 – L3D3 – 7:46

    Wednesday’s tough workout took its toll today as my muscles were giving out halfway through sets. Had to sub jumping pullups after 8 and pushups were also a stretch.


    10/4 – L2D2 – 20 rounds

    “Cheat” pullups x3 on the last three rounds. I’m pretty sore, not just the good way, especially the back. I need to do more back/ab/neck stretches.

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