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    Workout Log


    02-Aug – L4D1 – 12 rounds (sub kipping/negatives for some pullups)

    04-Aug – L4D2 – 8:15 (sub dips for pullups)

    06-Aug – L3D3 – 8:08 (subbed some negatives)


    08-Aug – L3D1 – 18 rounds (9 as rx’d, last 9 sub 3:1 body rows for pullups)

    12-Aug – L3D3 – 8:50 (no subs, kipping)


    15-Aug – L3D1 – 21 Rounds (6 as rx’d, 10 sub 3:1 body rows, 5 sub 2:1 negatives for pullups)

    17-Aug – L3D2 – 6:09 (Rest time 11:02. As rx’d, O/H squats w/ bar for sets 1-2)

    20-Aug – L3D3 – 8:53 (no kipping, sub 3:1 body rows after pullup #10)

    Week4 (Rest Week)

    22-Aug – L1D1 – 36(ish) rounds, no subs

    24-Aug – L1D2 – 3:18 as rx’d (rest time 7:14) + tabata squat challenge

    27-Aug – L1D3 – 2:15

    Week 5

    29-Aug – L3D1 – 22 rounds (no subs; kipping)

    31-Aug – L3D2 – 5:08 (rest time 10:28, as rx’d with O/H squats for sets 1/3/5)

    03-Sep – L3D3 – 6:13

    Week 6

    05-Sep – L3D1 – 26 rounds as rx’d

    07-Sep – L3D2A1 – 7:09 (subed normal pushups for HSPUs on round 5, HSPUs max 50% rom)

    12-Sep – L3D3 – 5:48

    Week 7

    15-Sep – L3D1 – 25 rounds

    17-Sep – L3D2(ish) – 7min(ish)

    19-Sep – L3D3 – 5:56 no kipping


    Dude, welcome!

    This is going to sound gayer than hell, but do you have pics? :)

    No, no, that’s not what I mean. I”m 34, and six feet tall, and it just happens that 185 is what I want to weigh (at least, I think it’s what I want to weigh right now… can 150 really be my ideal weight????) And, well, I want to see what that looks like on someone close to my own age and height. :)

    I didn’t know dinghy sailing was a sport, olympic or otherwise. I’ve always wanted to try sailing… not easy when you’re in the only bodies of water around are the mile wide MIssissippi River (it’s hard enough to MOTOR upstream, nevermind sailing…) or the reservoir. I’m building a ferro-cement dinghy right now even (for the reservoir).

    I’m so gonna drown. :)


    No pics right now @ work, I’ll try to find some suitable & post.

    The least I’ve ever weighed is about 175lbs when I was training for 1/2 marathon (and doing quite a bit of trail running/snowshoe racing); but I was much stronger during olympic campaign. Weight is critical in dinghy racing, so you try to stay heavy! I’ve never been much on losing weight though, often when I get fitter I get heavier.


    Welcome Jdog!

    I got a good laugh out of your simplefit/brain chemistry query, thanks for that. 😆


    Hey –



    The “A Bit About Me” Post


    Just started on simplefit, need something to do at work between workouts, so I figured I’d post for a while and track progress. Wanted to start crossfit program, but even though I think I’m well above average fitness right now, my first look at a WOD made me realize I’m nowhere close! Plus my pullups have always sucked big time! My plan is to simplefit (or variant) for 2-3 months then start trying crossfit. Seems to be a friendly & helpful community, so I’m guessing posting here will definitely help with motivation & support!

    A bit about me:

    32yrs old, 6′, about 185lbs – pretty much exactly average build for a guy (99% of clothes fit me off the rack). Currently I try to run 2-3 times a week, generally 6-8k distances, I do about one 10k race per year (not competitive); have been working out in gym about twice a week, but have been stuck in a lame rut with the same program that’s getting me nowhere. Play a bit of rec beach vball, soccer, & am a competive dinghy sailor (don’t scoff – it’s a real sport!). Have generally led an active lifestyle, been involved in many sports & activities since highschool. Highlights on the fitness trail are probably: bike couriered in downtown Toronto for 6 months in ’98, trained hard for 8 months for the Olympic trials in sailing in 2000, had a herniated disk + surgery to show for it in 2001 (but this really taught me the importance of having a strong & flexible core!), recovered to run a 1hr43 1/2 marathon in 2003 (thanks primarily to my dog for dragging me out of the house for a run every day). I turned 30 and found it was suddenly way harder to stay fit, I had to watch what I eat way more, and 2 weeks off at Christmas = hello fatso…so this is what aging’s all about! Hoping simplefit will turn it all around…

    Thanks everyone for the welcomes!


    The Week 1 Post


    L4D1 – 12 rounds

    Warmed up with 1hr dog walk & 15min jog, some light stretching. May have been a bit ahead of myself when deciding to start with L4, especially when reading other posts (most people seem to start with L1, but I figured what the heck I’m fairly fit and I can do 4-6 non-cheating pullups in a row right now). Starting subbing to jumping up to the bar & negative pullups at around round 4 or 5, my last negative pullup was barely countable. Squats were easy. My dog barks at me every time I do a pullup.

    03-Aug – Day off, played about 1hr of rec soccer, felt fine.


    My lats are quite sore…very very sore actually. Difficult to reach my arms above my head. Ha! Seems like it’s working. Decided to workout anyways, sub dips for the pullups & stick to L4 for now.

    L4D2 – 8:15 (sub dips for pullups)

    Ouch. Hardest workout in a long while…I’m hooked. Warm up 6min row machine, 3X15 situps/back xtension, stretching. About halfway through round three I started singing this song in my head (to the tune of ‘edelweiss’ from sound of music): “Level threeeeeeeee, Is for meeeeeeee, L-4 D-2 is toooooo haaaaaaaard”. Has anyone seen any studies on possible negative impacts of simplefit on brain chemistry? My pushup reps went like this: 12, 12, 9, 8, 8 with some nice collapses at the end of each set. Maybe dips use too much of the same muscle groups as pushups? (wishful thinking, but I’m thinking sub body rows for pullups if I’m too sore/fatigued next time). Anyway, I’ll try L4D3 sometime on the weekend and decide whether L3 is really for meeeeeeee.


    L3D3 – 8:08

    Decided to drop to L3 after reading all the good posts about not excercising to failure – I figure I can do about 5-6 pullups to failure, so I should be training 3-4 max between breaks. The L4 would have taken me like 20minutes on pullups alone; and L4D2 almost killed me. L3D3 went smoothly, only a few kipping pullups and negatives required to complete the pullups; with a 10min run to the park warmup/cooldown. My dog now also barks at me during pushups…I’m taking it as encouragement.


    So you feel at home, “Ruff!”


    Welcome jdog. Good call on level 3


    The Week 2 Post

    08-Aug – L3D1 – 18 rounds (9 as rx’d, last 9 sub 3:1 body rows for pullups)

    Warmup 800m rowing machine, light stretch. In general, I think level 3 is about right for me, difficult but doesn’t cause me to fail out on some sets. Still, pullups quite difficult and was doing a lot of kipping, or at least kipping-like perverted jerky movements to get up to the bar near round 8 and 9, so I switched to body rows subbed 3:1 for the last 9 rounds – still difficult and had to cheat a bit on rep 6 near the end.

    Also I started to notice a “weird knee thing” during squats – slight sharp pain in my right knee-cap on the way down. Actually, it’s been nagging me for a few months now during the odd deep knee bend motion, I think it might be some ligament thing in my knee brought on by too much running on underconditioned legs…hoping it’s nothing serious. I have no history of knee injuries. I noticed that when I switched my stance to splay out my feet a bit during squats (duck-feet like) the pain went away. So…feet parallel or splayed out a bit during squats? Does it matter? I’ should probably check in with a phisio or doc if it persists; hopefully the strength training will correct any misalignment.

    Also #2 – I would hereby like to point out, for the record, a definite negative side effect of simplefit: sweating during workouts. I work out often at the company gym at lunchtime. With my old workout (the standard guy workout of hit the gym, bike for a few minutes, some legs, a few bench presses, maybe some curls, abs, and stretching) I would barely break a sweat, enabling me to get back to my desk in short order. Now I sweat like a pig. We have showers, but the 10-minute-longer-lunch-hour, coupled with the amount of time I’m wasting posting workouts in this forum, pose a serious risk of jeopardizing my otherwise upwardly mobile career. Also, I didn’t bring an extra gitch or tshirt today, so I’m freebagging in my jeans (can I say that on the radio?) and I’m worried I look a bit like a spanish porn star with my no-shirt-under-v-neck look. Sigh.

    Missed L3D2. Battling a slight cold. I’ll try not to do it again.

    12-Aug – L3D3 – 8:50

    Did all pullups without any subs, just kipping. That’s about all I have to say about that.


    Sweat, ha that is the price of a real workout :)

    Simplefit radio is pg so should be fine.

    I would get the knee checked out, in the interim use whatever foot position feels most comfortable and puts least pressure on the knee aslo ice may help.



    No need to point out the sweating, We Know(tm) :-)

    About the knees: Go see a proper doc. Not your local GP, but a real sports doc/physioterapist. I have similar problems, and it was only after I saw a sports physio I found the real cause. (frayed meniscus) Feet a bit out is not only ok, it is recommended for most people.


    The Week 3 Post

    15-Aug – L3D1 – 21 Rounds

    Man my abs are sore. Pullups are still really hard; had to switch to body rows after only 6 rounds, but I was definitely resting less between rounds this time. May have been a bit burned out from doing day 3 as rx’d? Also, can’t really do kipping pullups at all at the work gym because of the setup, & I find they really help to get my pullup reps up. I did the last D3 off a porch overhang 2X4 at a friend’s cabin on the weekend…whatever. Switched to 2:1 negatives on round 17 just to mix it up. Did squats overhead with broom handle. Gotta get that knee checked out.

    Negative Side Effect of Simplefit #2 – I’ve started wearing my digital watch around the office like some 13 year old geek. At least it’s not a calculator watch…


    I was having trouble with my knees too. It sounded like I was popping bubble wrap. Switched to half squats (thighs horizontal) and I didn’t have the problem. Now I’m able to split them, half are half-squats, the rest full squats. For me, the problem was poor form and weak knee ligaments.

    Might help, might not :P


    Nice work jdog,

    Now go see somebody about that knee.

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