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    Here’s workout for Mon 16 Jul 07 –

    30 min on Lifecycle Ergo Machine

    Hill Interval

    Resistance Lvl 11

    532 Cal/3.4 miles

    3 Sets –

    10×9 (see below)

    20 pushups

    20 12 inch box jumps

    3 pull ups

    Overall.. felt kinda weak. Just really tired from traveling, only had 2 hrs sleep from jet lag. Will kick it up tomorrow, hopefully!

    10×9 =

    10 crunches

    10 crunches with knees left

    10 crunches with knees right

    10 crunches knees up

    10 legs straight up, touch toes

    10 leg lifts

    10 knees to chest then straight out

    10 butterfly situps

    10 bicycle

    a 10×10 includes adding 10 full body crunches at the end.


    holy crap. I’m more of a 10×1 kinda guy. yowsers! nice!


    Throw in some L-sits and planks if you really like the ab stuff.


    Can’t do the L-sits yet. What I will do is a pull-up/chin-up and at the top pull my legs into a L and slowly let myself down. I can do 3 of those and they kill.



    Tuesday –

    30 Min Ergo

    400 cal Lvl 11

    50 40 30 20 10 pushups

    5 4 3 2 1 pullups/chinups

    36 lunges x 2 – then hammies locked up

    10×9 x 3 to finish

    Immortal Wombat

    Damn son, that is some immense abdominal work (pushups too).


    Since your first post I’ve been trying to decide what to say.

    I ‘m still speechless.



    I guess I’ve always had strong abs. The thing is I started with 10x10s about 2 years ago. I’ve only recently, with this site, and crossfit, started to really pound it on. After about the 3rd one it’s really killer and I have to break.

    The rest I only really started in Jan~Mar time frame. I don’t remember when exactly. I pretty much think up something that’s going to suck, and attempt it. I start with at least 3 sets. In fact, most of the stuff I think I’ll do till 5, but I get halfway through 2 and just don’t have it in me. So I build.

    I’m in the Air Force, and been working out on and off for almost 10 years. So I’m not a real beginner. Though last year I peaked at a weight of 250 with upwards of 25% body fat. I’ve lost about 50 lbs and trying to go down more. Please, don’t think I just jumped into this or started this way. It’s all a gradual burn.

    Also, I just had a 3 week vacation where I only worked out once. My chest aches today, and my hammys are going to be sore for awhile.



    19 Jul 07

    30 min on Ergo

    Lvl 11

    Lvl 1 Day 1

    About 42 sets in 20 minutes

    I lost count a few times so I would go back to the last number I remembered. At the end I knocked out another 20 push ups. I used a music playlist to time it.

    Had to swtich out squats for the last 5 or so. I did a lunge on each leg instead.



    21 July Workout

    Ran 1.5 miles. 7 laps on our track. At every lap I would stop and do 20 pushups. Light day.

    23 July 07

    Ergo Machine, set to cardio 30 Min

    10 dips

    3 pull ups

    10 back extensions

    5 times



    You might also consider doing little short sprints during regular intervals during your run.


    Hmmm.. skipped a few days posting for some reason. I’ve been on here too..

    30 min Ergo, lvl 12 Hill

    5 sets


    reverse butterfly 50lbs

    20 back extensions

    Good times.. Hammy’s hurt!


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