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    Level 1, day 1 – 46 complete rounds.

    Followed by severe muscle soreness 2 days later.

    Was surprised just how much the mix of pullups and pushups at higher volumes hit my core.

    My previous best on pullups was 2 sets of 10 (chins) and the bulk of the ones I did here were also chins so pleased to get so many done in such a short time.

    Day 2 here I come!


    Level 1 Day 2: 04:41


    Welcome on board. This is a great start!


    KTG wrote:

    Welcome on board. This is a great start!

    If you’ve never done Day 1 before, and you manage 30 or more rounds, the soreness that follows is UNREAL. (Also applicable if you’ve missed a lot of workouts.)


    Thanks for the welcome KTG.

    Cheapo – I was inspired by your progress- thanks.

    I expected to be sore, just not in some of the places that hurt! But it only lasted a day, and it felt “good”.

    Could probably have gone a bit faster on day 2 but wanted to keep strict form. Plus it was a windy night in the Highlands (Scotland) last night – my pullup bar is outside.

    Used to do a lot of martial arts when younger. Got into yoga a few years back but becoming a dad has put the kybosh on my fitness endeavours these last few years.

    Anything that gets me doing pullups and gives me a progression is to be welcomed. Plus even I can manage 20 mins for a workout.

    Looking forward to progressing through the levels.


    Level 1 Day 3 : 2:57


    I’m putting it down to my black wooly hat, as per the model in Convict Conditioning (CC).

    Clearly it conveys great power.

    I did 2 sets of 5 for pullups, alternating chins (which I define as palms facing away) and pullups (palms facing towards so more bicep involvement).

    I’m doing them strict- no kipping.

    That took about a minute.

    2 sets of 10 for pushups, which was great until I remembered on second set it should be 21 in total. The last one was an effort – I’m doing them in CC style with elbows tucked firmly to sides so triceps getting the brunt of the effort.

    Not that my long monkey arms are going to bulk up any no matter how hard I hit ’em.

    Squats were a piece of cake.

    All those hours as a kid standing in various karate stances for 10+ mins must have paid off. Again – skinny but deceptively strong.

    Level 2 – day 1 awaits. 20 mins of hell? Probably but looking forward to it.


    Level 2, Day 1: 33 rounds.

    Positives: most of the pullups were chins, with only every 5th one being a pullup (palms facing).

    Form was good on all reps.

    Pushups did not pose any challenge whatsoever

    Negatives: decided to try and do 2 pullups instead of 1 for each round. Bad idea – by the 5th round I was struggling and had to revert to 1 – as I would have failed what would have been my 10th rep.

    That took it out of me to the extent I’d only done 11 rounds by the end of the first 10 mins.

    Once I hit 20 rounds I relaxed a bit more, and then just set myself. “Just 5 more” target. I could possibly have made 35 with a bit more speed – My squats were pretty slow towards the end.

    I am feeling the effects of this already and expect to be sore again tomorrow.

    Day 1 hit me harder than the other 2 days for the first level and I expect that’s how it will be again.

    I hate day 1 :)

    Alexender bill

    Actually I’ve Got into yoga a few years back but becoming a dad has put the kibosh on my fitness endeavors these last few years. So I Awww… Anyway I’ll try to get back in again and Keep my self Fit and Smart.


    Level 2 day 2:


    Felt solid, reasonable pace. Lost a few secs each round going back and fore to my phone to pause my timer.

    Can hopefully level up at next workout.


    That’s a great job on level 2!

    I think you’ve got the terminology backwards on pull-ups/chin-ups. Chin-ups are with palms towards you, and most people find those a little easier than Pull-ups, which are with palms facing away.


    Level 2 day 3:


    Quite a hike in time from level 1.

    Pullups were 4,3,3,2,1

    Pushups 10,10,6

    Squats 26.

    Took way too long on Pullups.

    Should have mixed them up to make it easier.

    Lesson learned for level 3.


    Level 3 day 1

    34 rounds.

    One more than last week.

    What a killer.

    I am on the floor texting this.

    Everything felt solid.

    But this is going to hurt big time :)


    Level 2 day 2 :


    very pleased with this. 3 sub one minute rounds.

    Did 2.5 sets of squats with kettlebell to counteract a tendency to lean forward with squat.

    This gives me a pain in the quadratus lumborum.will see if this helps.


    Level 3 day 3


    Pullups 8, 4(chins),2,2(chins)

    Pushups 15, 10,6

    Squats 20,11

    Really pleased with the 8 straight pullups to start.

    I think level 4 will be the one that breaks me though having said that this was a lower time than level 3.

    Onwards and upwards.


    Really impressive! That’s a solid foundation for level 4. Sooner or later everyone hits their level and then slows down a bit. Keep up the great work!

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