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    Starting out and have comleted day 1. But first a little description :

    Born : 1972

    Height: 182 cm (5.97 feet)

    Weight: 110 kg (242 lbs)

    So this could meen that I am a lean mean fighting machine but I am not. I have been training martial arts for about 16 years but finished that for about 2 years ago. I do sporadical workouts as go out for a run, do some sparring etc but nothing regular. And working in front of the computer has added the weight during the years.

    So last night instead of going for a run I thought I would try out Level 1 Day 1 and see how it felt. I only did it for 15 min (after some running for warmup) and didn’t make any effort to have to much of a tempo as I just wanted to see if I could do it. Well after 15 mins I had completed around 30 sets and felt that I could still do more but where afraid that the pain would be too much…

    As I was doing this outside on a schoolsite where they had something with ropes I used to do my pull-ups. So today my hands are full of blisters and I need to find another place to do my pull-ups…


    Welcome juman!


    Hey Juman,

    welcome. Nice amount of rounds for the first time, maybe you are a lean mean fighting machine :D

    Do you have access to a garage, basement playground that has striaght bars?

    I made my own pullup bar, which works pretty well. I am thinking of making a new one.

    Keep up the good work



    I need to do some more looking around in the area I live in now as I moved there not to long ago. But the only bars I have found so far is to big so it makes it much harder to hold on.

    And now it is the second day so of course the pain is greater today. But still it isn’t as bad as thought it would be and taking a walk to work this morning made it a bit better.


    pain is only temporary, it eventually goes away. Use what ever you can get your hands on, using a bigger pipe with help you develop better grip and will make the work a little harder.



    Did another workout today with some running. Actually I ran around looking for some new places to do my pull-ups but didn’t find anything better then what I already have found…

    So my workout looked like this :

    5 min fast walk as a warmup

    For 30 min do this:

    Run for 60 sec

    Walk for 90 sec

    So the workout wasn’t so hard but being a heavy guy I can feel it in my knees today…

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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