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    Hey guys, don’t you hate it when some johnny come lately rolls into your forum and says, “Great program! I made a few tweaks though, instead of chin-ups I’m doing preacher curls and subbing in a thigh-master for squats.”

    Well, now its my turn 😉 “they” do say the best workout is the one you will keep doing.

    I basically do day 2 with shortened rest periods (one minute or under) every second day. I find that for me it’s the perfect combination of volume and intensity. At the end of it I’m starting to hit failure, gassing hard, feeling a bit nauseous and sweat pours out of me for the next fifteen minutes. No persistent joint or muscle soreness and I nearly always see progression with each session (more reps or less elapsed time), that’s why I think I’ve hit my sweetspot for volume/intensity. Knowing I ‘only’ have to plough through five sets each time is a huge mental advantage even though the volume keeps going up.

    At the moment that looks like five sets of 6 chin-ups, 20 push-ups and 30 squats, and I’m currently levelling up to 7 chin-ups, 25 push-ups and 40 squats. Just amazed at the improvement in work capacity, seeing some real changes in body comp now too.

    So you can see it’s not a total bastardisation, it’s still Simplefit, mostly, lol.


    if it works thats great


    So are you suggesting just shortening the rest time on Day 2 has made you see greater performance physically and helped you level up?

    I am plateaued at level 4 taking only very small amounts of time off of Day 3 each week, if any. I find Day 1 very intense, but, day 2 not so bad. The additional quantity is tougher, but, I rest 2-3 (usually 3 ish) minutes as it says in the instructions. I dont really get out of breathe as such but do feel it on the next day.

    I see what you might be saying the quantity of Day 2 is OK but shorten the rest to up the intensity to increase gains, yeah?

    I will try this, this week and see how I get on.



    Ahhhh, whoops! I realise I wasn’t very clear in my first post Neilfenstein. What I meant to say is that I only do the modified Day 2 workout, nothing else. I have heard others on the forum suggest that shortening rest periods on Day 2 helps them level up but I cant speak to that, I just do it because it fits me physically and psychologically. I love this workout.


    Well if it works thats great ofcourse. =)

    Sounds a bit like your tweaking it more towards a day 1 schedule though with spaced out pauses going more for endurance.

    Personaly I almost feel like day 2 is a bit of a rest day so I understand why you might want to beef it up a bit,

    but I think there is a point to be said about having the variation that there is between the different days to mix things up

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