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    Some background: I was 2 months into P90X before I strained my hip flexor and had to stop. I am thinking of doing the bodyweight exercises instead. Before I stopped I was able to do 18 pullups, 50 pushups and 50+ squats. Looking at the guide it seems like level 1 is not intense enough for me. Taking my stats into account which level should I start at.

    Also it seems like 20 minutes of exercise won’t be enough. What other routines could I add to complement this routine?



    Read my “Intro. to SimpleFit.”

    cheapo wrote:

    SF uses 3 basic exercises:

  • Pull-ups

  • If you can’t do a pull-up, substitute 3 body rows (youtube) for 1 pull-up.

  • Other substitutions.

  • Jumping pull-ups (.wmv).
  • Maybe girl pull-ups (.mov) might work for you.
  • A good comparison of perfect dead-hang pull-ups and kipping pull-ups (.wmv). A perfect pull-up has no motion in the lower body. The chest touches the bar, the head is held back, the eyes are directed straight up. It’s good to know what proper pull-up form looks like, but you’ll need to do kipping pull-ups in SimpleFit.
  • Push-ups

  • How to build up to real push-up (.mov)

  • Tune your push-up form (.mov)
  • Squats

  • Air-Squats” (.mov) ie. no weights

    SF works on a 3-day rotation.

  • Day 1 (endurance):

    As many rounds of the prescribed exercises as possible in 20 minutes

    At Level 1 that would be as many sets of:

  • 1 pull-up

  • 2 push-ups
  • 3 squats
  • …as you can do in the allotted time.

  • Day 2 (strength):

    5 rounds, for time

    At Level 1 that would be 5 rounds of:

  • 2 pull-ups

  • 6 push-ups
  • 10 squats
  • …with approximately 3 minutes rest between rounds. Do not count your rest time in your total time.

  • Day 3 (judgement)

    1 round, for time

    At Level 1 that would be 1 round of:

  • 10 pull-ups

  • 21 push-ups
  • 21 squats
  • …done in that order. Take as many rest breaks as you need, but be advised, rest time is counted on D3.

    When you can manage the prescribed exercises in less than 5 minutes, you move up to the next level.


    If you aren’t sure at what level you should begin, you should pick a level you think might be right for you and try the Day 3 workout. If you do it in less than 5 minutes, move up a level and repeat. (Give yourself a rest in between workouts.)

    As far as other workouts, you can add whatever you like, but I want to assure you that (once you are at the right level) SF can provide you with an adequate, challenging workout.


Thanks for the great info… your guide should be stickied somewhere.

Just to be clear the pullups are all going to be the kipping kind? Is there any time were it is not kipping?

Edit: Also do I do the squats as fast as the video shows or slow?

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