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    I only recently came across the Crossfit community the other day. From what I’ve read on the web and assorted forums. This may be just what I’m looking for. I happened across this site while researching beginners stuff. I am a 31y/o Firefighter who is about 60lbs over weight. I’ve started to feel unhealthy and sluggish and feel like getting into a workout “groove” is just what the doctor ordered.

    What I’m most concerned about is that some of the WOD just seem too challenging. I came upon your How To Get Started page and think that maybe the way for me to go. I have some questions though..

    1) Prior to starting the workout listed, is there any warm up?

    2) From what I see there are no “cardio” exercises listed. Do I do these on my own? what should i do?

    3) How long should I try this before attempting the WOD?

    Any info would be greatly appreciated. Sorry if these seem like noobish questions but I’m alittle overwhelmed with all of this info, though really excited to try it.


    Hi and welcome!

    1) it is always a good idea to warm up, go through the exercises specified in the wod at a very slow gentle pace thinking about proper form as a way of warming up slowly building the pace till you feel you are warm.

    2) After you develop enough strength these workouts will have you breathing very hard, but strength before strength endurance.

    3) whenever you feel comfortable start integrating the crossfit wod till you are able to fully transition.

    I hope this helps!


    Alright! So, the first workout is in the bag. I did it at the firehouse today. Not really sure how I did. I’d say my Level 1 day 1 went pretty poorly. In 20 min I was able to complete the level 1 workout set 18 times. My obvious weakness is pullups. I was able to complete the first one well, from there forth, I had to either jump, or put the tops of my feet on a stool and give myself a boost. As I completed more and more, the rests periods got longer and longer. Surprisingly after about 45 minutes, i felt so energized I played 2 games of basketball outside with the boys(they do it every duty day).

    I’m going to try the 2nd day of level 1 on Monday as I know I’m going to be VERY sore tomorrow.

    Any input?


    Great Job! The most important thing is that you keep at it, easy does it. Keep posting your progress.


    Ended up having to do the second day Tuesday morning. Monday my 24 hour tour at the firehouse was incredibly busy. First thing in the am I did the Level 1 Day 2 workout and was able to complete it in 14 minutes. Don’t have anything more exact because I don’t have a stop watch.

    For the pull ups, I put the bar on our squat rack about half way down. I grabbed the bar and let the heels of my feet rest on the ground. I was able to complete them alittle better. Decent form(no trainer so I’m not sure what good form is) and very little pushing on the heels. Is that considered too much cheating though? Keeping my heels on the ground?


    Thats not cheating at all, as long as you feel you are working your muscles you are making a little progress. Be sure to mix up your grip (palms forward, palms back) maybe just try hanging a little and lowering yourself slowly. Most important take your time so your tendons can adjust slow and steady is a good way to start, just keep at it.

    Great Work!

    You might also try body rows, you can do this by putting a towel over the bar

    similar to this http://www.fitstep.com/Misc/Newsletter-archives/graphics/pull-up-rows-towel1.jpg


    So I’ve recently come across SimpleFit.Org and I think it’s a really cool site!

    It’s exactly what the domain name suggests and it seems like the perfect thing to get someone in my situation (geeky comp.sci. student) motivated about a physical fitness workout routine.

    I was, unfortunately, diagnosed with diabetes this Thanksgiving.. and so: focusing on a regular exercise schedule has become more pertinent.

    I completed the L1D1 session today, managing to fit 31 rounds in.

    One thing that seems a bit perplexing is the fact that jumping jacks and sit ups aren’t mentioned anywhere, when they seem so fundamental to me.

    I guess having three instead of five movements keeps it from becoming ComplexFit.Org :)

    In any case, do you think movements like these (jumping jacks, sit ups) are best to be done on a personal decision basis?

    Also, is a 1:1 workout to rest day ratio really superior to say… 3:3? 5:5? 7:7? 8:7? 8)

    Is it best to be done early in the morning, before the daily shower?

    What about before/after eating?

    Finally, what about >30 minute sessions?

    I know that’s a nice handful of questions that might be best for a physician, but I’m not sure I have a personal physician…

    I _do_ have meetings scheduled with my endocrinologist and diabetic educator coming up and I will mention this workout plan, but I thought someone might be able to provide a quick answer.




    With diabetes you will really need to pay attention to eating quality carbohydrates. Intermittent fasting, non refined carbohydrates, and regular exercise will improve insulin sensitivity.

    Jumping jacks and setups are things that you can include at your own discretion, both great exercises. My goal with this site was simplicity and efficiency, the movements I provide will work the core in a big way using functional movements. After adequate strength/muscle mass is developed the day 1 workout will wind just about anybody, but strength before strength endurance.

    As for workout frequency this site attempts to start at a level that is friendly for beginners, feel free to adjust to whatever you like 3 on 1 off 5 on 2 off whatever you find works best for you, listen to your body.

    time of day is up 2 you

    before after eating? I usually wait a couple hours after I eat.

    >30 minute sessions? People tend to fixate on lsd but it is only a small part



    Obviously I am not a physician so everything I mention here should be discussed with your DR.

    Another fantastic site and board for nutrition questions is http://performancemenu.com/

    Rob Wolf is a fantastic source of info

    Great job, and keep at it!


    So, what if you’re still somewhat sore by the time of you next scheduled workout?

    …Is the resting period supposed to be a complete recovery to the point that you feel “normal”, as in, your body is under no physical stress and the current state of feeling would probably stay the same for the next several days?

    My thighs and upper pecks are still pretty sore from the squats and the push ups. 8)


    If you feel you body needs it take a little more time, drink allot of water and go for a walk or jog to flush the lactic acid out of your body. Don’t worry you will adjust quickly and not get so sore.

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