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    1 pullup

    2 pushups

    3 squats

    20 mins

    25 rds – green resistance band for pullups; knee pushups;


    how do you like the band? I’m thinking about getting one, and seeing if it helps…

    I’m a Jenn, too :)


    Always glad to see another Jen!!!

    I’ve used them for about a year. I can do 1 deadhang and then I’m out. I have 3 colors of bands. Black is the easiest, Green is less easy and Blue requires a lot of upper body strength.

    My plan is to go through the entire 8 level program on the blue band and then move to deadhang pullups or kipping pullups.

    I ended up catching a stomach virus Wed night so I’ll be starting Level 1 all over again on Monday.


    nasty virus is hitting around here as well…I’ve dodged it, so far…

    what brand bands do you have? I have to admit, I’m pretty clueless – oh, and jealous…I’m nowhere near a deadhang pullup…or even a jumping pullup…**sigh**

    but – I am seeing progress…and I can almost see improvement in the way my legs look…lol…


    Hi! I ordered the Iron Woody bands. I built a pullup station in my garage and they hang from there. Admittedly, I could have gotten away with a Stud Bar and been fine but I didn’t want to have to move my rings and I had a workout partner at one point as well.

    My deadhang is with an underhand grip but I’ll take it…lol!

    L1 D1

    19 rounds

    blue band pullups

    knee pushups



    5 rounds for time:

    2 pull-ups

    6 push-ups

    10 squats

    6:39 this includes start to finish so clearly I didn’t read the bit about resting for 3 mins in between each round…..I’ll be doing so next week.

    pullups – transitioned to door mounted pullup bar (bands were not getting me stronger as I just ended up kipping on them)- small hop to transition off floor (still had to struggle to clear chin over bar); underhand grip.

    pushups – straight leg but about 6 inches from floor- need to get closer.


    yeah – the rest will definitely help your time on D2…

    don’t tell me the bands weren’t making you stronger – you’d just about talked me into some!

    I had to go back to knee pushups – I worried about my form on the straights – seemed like my hand placement was too far out. Trying to keep them right around my armpits – but so far I can’t do straights with them there…



    24 rounds

    Pullups – hopped up but controlled over the bar and back down

    Pushups – straight legged, decent form

    Squats- no adjustments


    I think the bands were really good at assisting when I needed to be able to do a lot of pullups in a certain timeframe. I definitely feel like I’ve made more progress with the over the door pullup bar though. I can control the amount of resistance when I hop up.

    Since I switched the pullups, my push up form has gotten better and stronger I think.

    Hopefully on Thursday, I’ll be able to do less hopping on the way up.

    How are you doing your pullups?


    I’ve was doing body rows with my pullup bar – but I’m so short, I can’t bring my chin all the way to the bar. I recently started back to doing jumping pullups…I feel I’ve gotten a bit stronger, because I can hold it for a millisecond before trying to lower slowly…I’m just wondering if the bands would help at all…

    of course, this week – I’m on the beach… :)


    JEALOUS!!!! Enjoy the beach!

    L1D1 (again)

    17 rounds

    Pullup form was MUCH better. Very small hop and controlled up and down.

    Pushup form is much better as well and I’m getting chest to about 4 inches from the ground.

    Squats were fine.



    Rd 1 0:52

    Rd 2 0:43

    Rd 3 0:43

    Rd 4 0:42

    Rd 5 0:39

    Rested 3 mins in between rounds. All pullups were deadhangs (didn’t get over the bar every time though); pushups all straight leg.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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