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    Level 2

    Day 1

    1 Pull Up: 1 Horizontal Pull Up (I need something better I was using a metal rod and furniture to do this and it didn’t feel very safe)

    2 Push ups: 16 of them. (Girl Push ups. Arms are really sore)

    3 Squats: 30 I can barely stand.

    I hope I filled it out right, and I did it right. As long as I am moving and working that all that matters I guess. I am still dripping with sweat after my first go. I am feeling pretty good too!

    How would I report this to my workout log? It only says how many rounds I did. Would I put down my average rounds since I couldn’t do the pull ups and my arms gave out for the push ups?

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    I Set My Friends On Fire, Escape The Fate


    That doesn’t look right.

    Day 1 (endurance):

    As many rounds of the prescribed exercises as possible in 20 minutes

    At Level 1 that would be as many sets of:

  • 1 pull-up

  • 2 push-ups
  • 3 squats
  • …as you can do in the allotted time.

    You do 1 pull-up, then you do 2 push-ups, then you do 3 squats.

    That’s one round (AKA “set”).

    Repeat until 20 minutes have elapsed.

    Read my complete primer.


I did what I could for the pull up and push ups. My arms became so sore but my legs could do more. I will start fresh again and make them easier to do. Like standing up and lean against the wall for the push up. I have no idea what I will do with the pull up. I will find a way.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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