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    Hi all.

    Started SimpleFit 2 weeks ago and I’m enjoying it. My current goal is to gain some core strength, lose a bit of weight and for once in my life actually have some visible muscles. Ideally I’d like to add in some plyometrics and isometrics exercises once I’m comfortable with my strength training (I do martial arts and want to work on having faster/stronger hand attacks).

    I don’t really have any proper diet yet. Kinda unsure on what I should be doing diet wise. I’m not looking to be super bulk but I would like to have some muscle. I really don’t know how much of a diet that would require or if just working out is enough…

    Right now I’m basically just trying to reduce sugar and alcohol consumption.

    age: 28

    height: 6.2

    weight: 217

    Level: 2

    Other activity: Martial Arts (Wing Chun kung fun) 4 hours a week.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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