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    Ok… first off… not even gonna lie.. i kinda had to cheat on the chin-ups.. i did a 15 min. warm-up on the elliptical. then i did the 4 sets of L1D1… I was sore as hell from the gym experience last night… so i didn’t perform as well as i could… For the chin-ups i used a machine that was kind of like assistance to you… I used 70 pds of help and there was about 175 pounds max. So i was able to crank about 6 of them.. which is maybe what 1-2 chin-ups… (maybe) so i did the 10 push-ups and then the 10 squats (now the squats i didn’t find hard to do at all, i could’ve probably easily done 50) Which brings me to my next point… i’m probably doing them wrong… and then i finished w/ a very high intensity fat burn on the treadmill for 15 min. so it was about an hour at the gym… a lot better than my 2 hours… and i felt the same effect… that stuff works… thanks guys.. and any advice on the squats would be greatly appreciated…

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    Check out the Exercises & Demos page on the Crossfit site for a couple of good videos on proper squat form.

    Don’t worry about the pullups, just keep working them consistently and you’ll get them in no time. Nice work!!


    Some advice:

    Find workout logs in here that have a lot of posts and early join dates. Read them. A lot of people had to tweak and adjust – you could benefit from their (our) experience. Body rows help for pullups.

    Reduce the warmup time. Do 5 minutes of low/medium intensity followed by joint mobility (not sure if that’s the right term) – arm circles, hi-steps, etc.

    I had really bad squat form when I started. My thoughts were exactly where your’s are. “These are too easy.” Do look at the videos on crossfit. I also recommend a book called “Starting Strength” – with your background in football, you might throw this into the mix in a month or two. Mark Rippetoe, the author of “Starting Strength”, also explains proper squat form VERY well. He’s all over the crossfit site videos.

    Good start!

    Oh yeah – search Squat Rx on youtube.


    What really helped my improve my squat form was The Overhead Squat.

    Anyone who’s tried it can tell you that the exercise really helps you feel when you’re leaning to far forward. It also helps with the flexibility needed to perform the squat with proper form. I practice this with a brromstick orone of those light body bars (5 lbs).

    Another good tip is to curl your toes up, it’ll force you to keep over your heels. This improves the squat exercises.

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