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    Clay Shoufler

    Mid way through L3 D1, I had to go back to 1 pull up instead of 2. (at round 12)

    Should I continue with L3 D2, L3 D3?

    I completed L2 D3 last week under 4 minutes, but couldn’t complete L3 D1 to it’s fullest today.


    If I have to, I revert to body rows. I have found that I do have to on L2D1. I just think of it a building the strength I need.


    Continue the schedule, D1, D2, D3… but as vbm suggested, you should switch to a 3:1 alternate, such as assisted pull-ups, jump negatives, bodyrows, etc. So 1 regular pullup, then 3 alternates. If necessary, pause 30-60 seconds and then continue.


    I do my pull-ups on a girder or I-beam. I’ve found that when I can’t do any more pull-ups using an overhand/underhand grip (hands facing away/towards you), I can still do pull-ups with my hands facing each other while pulling first my right shoulder then my left shoulder up to the beam. Just make sure you move your head out of the way first.

    You could try that to possibly get a few more “un-assisted” pull-ups before reverting to body rows.

    Clay Shoufler

    I do them on the elite rings.

    I need to practice adjusting the straps from the pull up length to a body row length so I am not losing time.

    I did the L3 D2 no problem today. I did give myself two days rest between workouts. I think that helped.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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