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    Hey guy, ive just recently started simple-fit and just have a question about my results. My first time I tried l3 d3 and came out with 2:17 so i went up to l4 and tried d2, for 5 rounds I got a 6 minutes flat, is this enough to justify going to level 5 or should I try d3 Saturday and see how it works out?

    edit: Haha wow, I didn’t see the 3 minutes rest and not counting your rest time in between. I did these with very little rest and this time is counting my downtime. I would still like some input though.


    If you think you need to move up – then do. Test with D3. If you can do a D3 in 3 mins, then have you really burned out for the week?

    I’m testing my D3s against the efficacy of crossfit. I do them after a heavy day (1RM deadlifts) or the like.

    Aslo, if you jump to L4 and get to D3 and it isn’t longer that 30 mins, then you have NOT overshot.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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