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    Beginning Stats – 4/30/07

    Weight 238 – Body Fat 36%

    Current Stats – 5/3/07

    Weight 237 – Body Fat 35.7%

    Workout Log

    Week 1 Level 1

    Day 1: 14 rounds

    Day 2: 5:28

    Day 3: 7:56

    Week 2 Level 1

    Day 1: 18 rounds


    Thanks Kevin for a cool site!

    27 y/o Male 238lbs

    Body Fat is about 36% according to my scale.

    In highschool I used to march drumline and weighed about 175. Every day after practice we would hit Taco Bell… the problem was that after highschool ended and the marching with a 25lb drum every day ended, the Taco Bell unfortunately didn’t.

    I’m also a systems administrator these days so the sitting down at a computer all day doesn’t help.

    I just started this today and since I’m VERY out of shape I decided to start off at level 1. I’m doing Level 1 M, W, and F, and on T and Th I’ll continue what I had been doing for the last two months, which was walking on the treadmill for 30min a day.

    L1D1 14 rounds with assisted pull-ups

    Pull-ups were very hard but I hope to get better at them.

    I’m also looking at ordering a “Door Gym” from Amazon so that I can do my workouts inside instead of using the makeshift pull-up bar I created outside.


    I’m open to any advice I can get about either what I’m doing wrong, or what I’m doing right!



    the first thing you are doing right, is doing this program. its the first step towards a new life of feeling good mentally and physically. you will see the difference in a few short weeks. stick it out.

    have you looked into the zone diet yet? if not, it is well worth it for you to. it is so simple. give it 2 weeks and see how you feel. i used to be a napper, now i find it hard to nap because i have the energy. plus, if you follow it, you can loose the weight the right way, not too fast and not too slow. i am down 15lbs in 2 mos and i don’t miss it 😆


    Welcome loginname!


    Well, L1D2 has arrived, but I have a question before I workout this evening.

    What do you recommend I do if I still feel way too sore from Monday?

    The front of my thighs and the sides of my chest still hurt pretty bad from Monday’s workout.

    I did stretch before and after Monday’s workout, but perhaps I didn’t stretch correctly or stretch enough.

    jcarroll11: I looked into the Zone diet, but I’m horrible when it comes to diets. I’m much better I find at just making healthier food choices or eating smaller portions than reading all the labels and measuring my intake constantly. I would have a hard time monitoring every gram of fat, protein, or carbs I take in. Thanks for letting me know about it though!


    You can rest maybe take an Epsom salt bath or you can workout. I often find the soreness is much less after another workout. I recently started doing more one legged squats and was really sore but after the next workout I barley noticed it.


    True, I think you are right. Probably working out would help lessen the soreness.

    I took two hot baths yesterday to try and help it, but I find walking and stretching tends to help more, so I guess I’ll go for the workout and hope that the soreness gets less and less.



    L1D2 5:28

    not including the 3:00min rests between rounds.

    I did assisted pull-ups and the push-ups were starting to be extremely difficult towards the end.

    I’m not as sore as I thought I was going to be :)


    Well, I just ordered my “Door Gym” from everythingfitness.com


    I managed to get it for $49 with no tax and free shipping!


    Well, I finally did L1D3.


    With some severely ugly and severely assisted pull-ups.


    Nice work, be sure to read this.



    Well, week 2 Level 1 Day 1

    Went for 19:20min

    Did assisted pull-ups this time but they were much nicer than last week. I used a step ladder set out about 3′ from me and put my heels on it while I did my pull-ups. While Level 1 says 1 pull-up, since I was doing assisted pull-ups I did 3 at a time instead.

    I managed to do 18 rounds, which is 4 more than last week! The push-ups dang near killed me this time!


    I am very busy and I don’t like to stick to diets as well but I’ve gone to the Crossfit site and found the Zone Diet Plan that fits my schedule and it has menus on what to eat and fix and they are easy. Just look on the Zone plan it’s called Front Range and it has everything you need and you can copy it and keep it with you. I have been noticing changes in my eating habits and that I feel more energized when I workout. People ask me how I have so much energy. I have everything ready the day before and take my smootie to work and I’ve got a small blender and I put my protein powder in it and it takes a minute to mix everything. It’s not that bad. The good thing about it is it’s already measured and you don’t have to think about what foods to measure or anything. It’s all blocked for you. Look at it and see what you think.


    Fitnatic read and post under http://www.simplefit.org/phpbb/viewtopic.php?t=309 to continue, more on the zone which I think is good there

    loginname, sorry to step on your thread.



    I’m guessing this is what you were talking about?


    If so, looks neat!

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