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    O.k. so its day one, I have been meaning to do this program for a while, but tried starting strength on and off for the past two years, and still cant do a pull up 😥 . The good news is I am up from a measly 98 lbs to 110 and in a great way. I am about 5 ft 2, and thanks to the starting strength routine squats, my legs are strong, but my upper body lifts have been stalled for about two months at 30 lb bench and overhead press. I have been unable to get back to the gym after my vacation due to a odd knee pain that started out of the blue. I decided today to reset my goals with the simple fit level one plan until my knee feels normal again or i get frustrated and finally see a Dr….

    its dull achy pain nothing sharp, so I am just nursing it w. some hot cold treatments and occasional nsaid for now.

    I am going to alternate my pull up subs until i can actually do one right. Lets see how pitiful this first round ends up being. I need a timer other than my phone, but that is for another day. No more excuses. :mrgreen:

    Will post after lunch my results for the day.


    Ok so here’s my results for day one (Thurs) :

    I did 16 rounds in my 20 minutes, but that number is deceiving.

    So glad that no one was around to see me lol. I was so red in the face at the end it matched my flaming red hair.

    Attractive right?

    Anyways, I knew I was a no go for std pull ups so I substituted negatives x3 for the usual one pull up for day one lvl. one, right from the start.

    Well i thought i could do the push ups too since i knew i could do a few but after my first five rounds i had to get to my knees to go all the way down w/o my back bending.

    and then by the end of the next 5 rounds, ten total rounds, my arms were ready to give out and I was down to neg pushups too (x6 instead of x2) for that last 6 rounds of my total 16. And by that last 6 rounds my let down pull ups were barely in control… Looks like I have a long way to go.

    Funny, how i am always the girl stared at the gym when I start doing squats, power cleans, presses and dead-lifts cause I do actual weight, but I still cant do any real push ups or pull ups it seems….

    May just have to start w/ all subs the next time… blah….



    PS would love for some people to weigh in!


    Welcome to the community!

    First and foremost, if you’ve had that knee pain for a while now, pospone no further a visit to your Dr.; even if you think Simplefit won’t do any impact on the pain (with it being a “lite” exercise routine) I, personally, wouldn’t recommend a gamble on that pain getting any better on it’s own.

    About the push ups, it takes time, especially if you never got to do them on regular basis; the most important thing is persistence (after seeing the Doc, of course), because, believe me, in no time you’re going to be feeling more comfortable doing your routine.

    I still can’t do a proper pull up to save my life, but I’ve seen progress on achieving that goal; now, I’m more proficient with push ups than I ever was. Sit ups were never a problem to me, but I’ve perfected my technic while doing this program.

    Once again welcome, and we hope that you keep going with the program for as long as you can. :)

    Mike Gager

    sounds like a pretty good start!

    im a really big guy, 6’5″ 350lbs and i cant do real pull ups, however when i first started body weight training, i couldnt even lift myself off the ground when trying to do one and now after about a month of doing assisted pull ups i can get almost halfway up! i know doesnt sound like much but imagine a 150lb guy with 200lbs strapped to him trying to do a pull up lol. at any rate what im trying to say is keep at it and the gains will come quick! also you will see huge gains in your bench press as you get stronger doing push ups!


    thanks guys!

    As for the knee pain, it was very odd, disuse seems to make it more sore than lite use… but the heavy squats def. aggravated it. I will see my chiropractor later this week about it, but i am suspicious it is some kind of bursitis, and only time will make the inflammation go down, and I am not one to use steroids for inflammation (they don’t agree with me) I just find it odd, i am young, decently fit, and the soreness started on an extended break from my lifting schedule, so i have no idea what set it off. Has anyone else ever had something like that happen?

    And as for my first time performance: Should i step down to subbing both the pull ups and push ups from the start or just do what I can for a few sets and then scale back till the time is up?


    Friday: Rest day, and man do i need it. Arms are pretty sore, guess that is a good sign, and me knee feels no different, maybe even a little better today. Some NSAID’s and ice it before bed and I hope to feel pretty normal before my all day hike for a class tomorrow!!


    Knee finally feeling nearly normal, will just add some bannanas and a glucosamine suppliment to my post work out routines and see if that prevents flare ups.


    Hello and welcome,

    Just wanted to say that you need to ensure your exercises are in perfect form and you are doing a good flexibility program.You would be amazed at the difference it will make for joint pains and muscle aches. The other thing I would recommend is making sure you are checking your previous workout reps and sets. On the next workout the goal would be to beat the previous one by a few reps or even sets depending on how fast your improving.

    for example if your doing day one level one and last week you completed 16 rounds in good form, then this week your minimum goal is 17 rounds. Don’t worry about anything else but that. Now if you are subbing your pullups, pushups or squats and did 16 rounds but only 10 were in good form then your goal would be to complete 11 rounds in good form.

    In your case I would recommend that each and every time you start your goal to put 150% effort at the start to get one pullup. Doesn’t matter the rest of the exercise. At least not when you start, after that you can sub jumping or negative pullups but you should be attempting a full regular pullup as much as you can.

    Cheating/subbing exercises are only there to help strenghthen you up enough to be able to start your program doing actual pullups, pushups, and squats. If you can actually do a few pullups, pushups, and squats the way it is prescribed and you find yourself always going back to the subs then you have a problem. The problem is that you have come to rely on the cheats for your workout and not the real deal. My personal recommendation and from experience is that if you can do the exercises as prescribed with good form (even if it is only one or tworeps) then get rid of the cheats and do them as prescribed. It doesn’t matter if you can only do two rounds in 20 minutes, what matters is that next week you are going to get three and the week after that four etc. This program is designed to make you a success at working out not a failure. Ironically you will have to fail on your goals to achieve the success. Sounds screwy but if you achieve a certain number of rounds and are determined to beat that the next week you will be amazed how motivated you can become especially if you are reviewing that goal and contemplating on it during the week.

    Don’t train your body and brain to fail. Train it to succeed. You are better than you think and you have more strength and endurance than you can imagine. You just need to push past it all and start doing the real thing. As the Crossfit folks say, ” 3… 2… 1… Go!”


    As usual, I think Bri3626’s advice is right on target.

    There is some debate about whether Simplefit by itself is sufficient, but I think as long as you are careful about not overdoing it “greasing the groove” (doing small less than full-effort sets throughout the day) can also help you over this pull-up hurdle (is that mixing a metaphor?).

    Apart from the knee troubles, It looks like you have a solid foundation for setting out on this journey. Welcome on board! We’ll look forward to seeing your progress.

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