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    Monday Oct 18th

    Level 3 – Day 1

    24 rounds total

    I did the first 9 rounds in 5:30

    I did the next 12 rounds in the next 12ish minutes, then powered out the last 3 rounds in the last 2 minutes

    Last week i did 18 rounds so I made progress :D

    Followed up simplefit with some intervals on the elliptical 4x 90sec sprinting then 90sec jogging and 5 minutes cooldown


    Tuesday Oct 19th

    did some bodyweight squats and lunges for a warmup. About 20 or 30 squats, then 20 alternating lunges.

    Then I did Jillian Michaels 30day shred workout video.

    This was my first time doing the 30day shred video, It was pretty tough, had to drop from 10 lb weights to 5 lb weights during the workout.

    Hopefully I will be fine for tomorrows simplefit workout.


    Wednesday Oct 20th

    Level 3 – Day 2

    1:14 for the first round

    1:07 for the 4 remaining.

    Wow I never realized how consistent I am in the speed of my reps.

    Last week I failed on the last pushup of the last round,I just couldn’t get my chest off the floor. Today I finished all reps, and I think I had some gas left in the tank.

    I followed this up with some Dance Dance Revolution (8 songs on easy is 200 calories according to the game) then some intervals on the elliptical 4x 90sec sprint then 90sec jogging

    I think tomorrow is going to be a full rest day, so I can be ready for day 3 on Friday


    Thursday 10/21

    Did some squats, lunges, lying butt lifts, single leg dumbbbell deadlifts

    I think 2x sets of each, then some jumping jacks.

    then some more intervals on the elliptical

    I just couldn’t rest I was feeling too good.

    Friday 10/22

    Bike ride 8 miles total, rode out 4 miles into the wind I was averaging 10 mph, rode 4 miles back as fast as I could, peaked at 21, averaged 15mph

    Then resting about 10 minutes stretching and warming up my upper body.

    On to D3 L3

    Total time 8:44

    Chinups 4, 3, 2, 2, 2, 3

    Pushups 16, 7.5, 8, 2

    Squats 33

    The .5 is because I failed to all the way up, before my lower back gave up and I couldn’t keep good form

    That set of 16 pushups is a new personal record.

    Ok Saturday will be a rest day, I have things around the house to get done


    Sunday 10/24

    9 mile bike ride along the canal – average speed 13 mph. my heart was pumping most of the time

    Monday 10/25

    Warm up 1 hour of raking leaves, built up a good sweat and got my arms pretty tired then on to the workout

    Day 1 Level 3 – 23 rounds

    I was disappointed at first because I went down 1 round from last week, but later realized I just did 46 chinups, 69 pushups and 115 squats in 20 minutes. 3 months ago I couldn’t dream of doing that.

    Wednesday 10/27

    Day 2 Level 3 – didn’t time it. I go at a constant pace on my reps trying to maximize my strength gains.

    Followed it up with a 9 mile bike ride – average speed 14 mph, maxed out at 22.5 for a bit.

    Friday 10/29

    Day 3 Level 3 – 8:59

    Chinups 7/3/3/3

    Pushups 14/7/6/6

    Squats 33

    Followed it up with a 9 mile bike ride – average speed 12.8 mph peak of 22 again.

    I took too long resting between chinup sets, but thats how i was able to do sets of 3 instead of sets of 1.

    The bike rides I got in this week seemed to help with the squats because I didn’t feel a thing doing them. no burning, no fatigue, nothing.


    Monday 11/

    Day 1 Level 3

    27 rounds – new PR

    did 2 rounds, marked it down, took some water, repeat.

    I was panting by the end, but my pace was the most consistent for any of the day 1 workouts yet.


    Tuesday 11/2

    Core work and some cardio

    2 sets each of leg lifts, and butt lifts. I am following the progressions from Convict Conditioning for these exercises to improve ab and back strength.

    intervals on the elliptical 5x 60 sec fast, 60 sec recovery, then 20 minutes on the exercise bike, 30 sec easy, 30 sec hard.

    Wednesday 11/3

    Day 2 Level 3

    Didn’t time it, but for the first time I did Pull ups instead of Chin ups. Did all sets just fine, but could really feel my back on Thursday.

    I also did Close squats instead of regular squats. Heels are touching, toes point out. The balance is tricky on this, it really stretches the front of the shins. This is also from Convict Conditioning. Its next in the progression after regular bodyweight squats. My goal is to be able to do Pistols, so on day 2 workouts, I plan on doing progressions to get there. On days 1 and 3 when time is important, I will stick to normal bw squats.

    Thursday 11/4

    core work and cardio, same as tuesday.

    Friday 11/5

    Day 3 Level 3

    will do this workout later after work. Last week was just shy of 9 minutes. Trying to get it in under 8 minutes today.

    How long do people rest between sets if you need to break them up? I try and rest 30 secs between my sets, but it really adds up when doing several small sets. Should I just try and rest 10 seconds, and add more if I can’t do a rep?


    Did day 3 in 6:17

    Chinups 7/3/2/1/1/1/1

    Pushups 14/6/5/3/5

    Squats 33

    I rested 10-12 secs after each set of chinups – tried to kip but really didn’t do it right. Rested 20-30 sec after each set of pushups.


    I have some signs of tendonitis in my right elbow. I think I have been using bad form on the day three workouts. In order to minimize time I end up dropping down in the pullups and lock elbows, and doing the pushups quickly I snap and lock my elbows when extended. I also had noticed minor weirdness in my elbow on day 1 workouts where I am doing a total high number of pushup reps.

    I am going to take at least 1 week off from simple fit workouts, basically no push or pull ups.

    Work out for the week will be

    3 rounds of

    15 leg raises

    15 butt lifts

    15 close squats

    15 dumbbell lunges

    15 jump squats

    Followed by intervals on the elliptical 5x 60 sec fast, 60 sec recovery.

    I plan on doing this M/W/F and doing 45-60 minutes on the exercise bike T/Th

    I will resume simple fit once my elbow feels better.

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