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    I’ve decided to start Simplefit as an evening supplement to my regular strength training program (Starting Strength) in an effort to not only improve my cardiovascular performance, but also my muscular endurance and, with a bit of luck, improved hypertrophy.

    Starting stats (1 year ago):

    18 years old

    115 lbs


    13% body fat

    Bench: 90 lbs (3×5)

    Squat (full range): 95 lbs (3×5)

    Deadlift: 135 lbs (1×5)

    Press: 40 lbs (3×5)

    I’m 19, and have been “lifting weights” for about a year now. This is deceptive though, as much of that time was spent figuring out exactly what I should be doing, and I’m not even entirely sure what that is yet. For about the first 6 months, I messed around with a 5 day split bodybuilding program which yielded virtually no results. I began Starting Strength after that, but found my gains to be severely lacking in everything but the deadlift, which progressed rather smoothly.

    End of school year stats:

    19 years old

    134 lbs


    16% body fat

    Bench: 100 (3×5)

    Squat (full range): 130

    Deadlift: 265 (1×5)

    Press: 60 (3×5)

    After school ended, I took up Bill Starr/Madcow Intermediate 5×5 out of frustration with Starting Strength. I feel this contributed significantly to my gains. I did Bill Starr for 6 weeks, ending just last week.

    Current stats:

    19 years old

    154 lbs


    22% body fat

    Bench: 170 (1×5)

    Squat (full range): 160 (3×5)

    Deadlift: ??? (deadlifts are impossible to do safely at 24 hour fitness)

    Press: 110 (3×5)

    As you can tell, I am genetically damned as far as fitness goes. However, I couldn’t care less, and will continue to work until I achieve my (short and long term) goals. I’ve taken this week off to heal up some minor injuries and plan my course of action. I’ve decided to begin Starting Strength again with a deload of about 15 lbs on my lifts. I’m going to take this as far as it can go. Again, Simplefit will be done in the evening about 5 hours after my lifts.

    To be honest, weight lifting has probably made me more depressed about my body and physical condition than before. Not only do I feel weak now, but I feel weak and fat (something I could have never envisioned). But I know that sometimes things have to get worse before they get better.

    My diet is fairly clean. I never drink anything but milk and water (and very occasionally tea). I’ve been drinking around a gallon of milk a day per Starting Strength protocol in an effort bulk up. However, this is making me feel terrible about my waistline, which has gone from 28 to 32. I try to get plenty of lean protein (usually turkey) and vegetables (usually lettuce) in my meals. I have some Greek style yogurt every morning, and usually a banana or two throughout the day.

    I look forward to meeting everyone here, and seeing my fitness dream realized no matter how long it takes. I would love to hear advice from anyone here, and wish you all the best with your progress as well.

    Just for fun, here are my ideal lift stats that I’m looking for in the very long run. I would post an ideal body too, but I’m not sure what measurements that would be.

    Bench: 350 (3×5)

    Squat (full range): 415 (3×5)

    Deadlift: 625 (3×5)

    Press: 225 (3×5)

    Level 8 of Simplefit in under 5 minutes


    Hi Mezzo, welcome here !

    I’m no expert but simplefit as a supplement might be too much. What do the other guys think ? You gotta let that body rest sometimes :)

    Anyway, it’s good that you have clear goals. You can always adjust intensity/frequency of your workouts by measuring how close you’re getting to these objectives.

    Have fun !


    i agree with norman – you might be taxing your body a bit too much if you’re going to use SF as a supplement to your normal routine.

    why don’t you try SF on it’s own for a month or two? you never know – you might get hooked!!!

    anyway, welcome mezzo!!!

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