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    Hi, my name’s Michael, I’m 29 years old and getting seriously out of shape. I never really was a jock, always being the shortest in school. And after a few years commuting, what little condition I had before is now all lost.

    I recently moved closer to work, so I should have more free time now, but somehow I don’t find the motivation to do most sports. I get seriously bored by solo activities, so running and the like just isn’t something for me (somehow I take very, very long to produce the necessary endorphins). I’ve done a bit of martial arts in the past, never too long in one school. While at least the interest is there, I just can’t stomach some of the stupid things the teachers believe. If someone’s coming with “Ki” or similar mumbo-jumbo, I’m out.

    But a few months back I found this site and finally managed to start training. I’ve just completed my first week at level one, training Wedneday, Friday and Monday (Got to find something to do in-between).

    L1-1: 32 rounds

    L1-2: 4:52 altogether (forgot to wait 3 minutes between rounds)

    L1-3: 2:33

    Level one totally wore me out. I didn’t pause much, but my breath came rather heavily for the second half. Didn’t have problems with the exercises, though. The last few push-ups were a bit lop-sided, but nothing major.

    Compared to that, the second and third workouts were really easy. I’ll switch to the next level starting Wednesday.

    I had mixed success with the nutrition side. The Fast-5 will probably work out, as I’ve generally ate rather late and skipped breakfast mostly. So I just have to avoid lunch at work and I’ll be fine.

    Paleo proves to be a bit more difficult. I’ll have to get better meat and find something suitable for side dishes. There’s a big chance if something’s green that I don’t like it…


    Welcome and great to have you here!

    It is very difficult to out train poor nutrition, but easy to get in shape when nutrition is good. That said if you keep at it you can probably find a balance that works for you.



    Welcome Michael!

    Great first week, yep I find D1 to be a killer too but in a good way.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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