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    Newb here at the forum, found out about it when I read a post over at Marks Daily Apple. I believe it was cheapos. Anyway I’m 27 yo 228lbs. been weightlifting on and off for about 10 years. About 3 months ago a friend asked me to do pull ups with him and i couldn’t manage more than 5 decent ones. came to the realization that being able to bench press 315lbs means nothing if you can’t handle your own bodyweight. So i started trying various calisthenic routines, but once i found this site, i decided to stick with it till i make it through level 8 and go from there.


    Week 1 training:

    5/2 L1D1

    27 rounds + 2 push ups

    thought i would do better, but pull ups were killin me and my form was shitty

    after w/o

    100 sit ups/ 100 leg lifts

    5/4 L1D2


    probably could have moved quicker, but my form was good on all exercises, i even got my 18 month old daughter to do squats with me.

    after- 100 sit ups/ 100 leg lifts

    5/5 – ran 2.25 miles not timed

    5/6 L1D3

    4:15:39 after w/o 100 sit ups/ 100 leg lifts

    did 6 pull ups to begin, but then had to drop off the bar and finish with singles which was tough. push ups and squats were easy. on to level 2!


    Todays workout:

    LEVEL 2 DAY 1

    31 rounds plus 2 push ups

    I pushed myself much harder than i did last week and it feels like it paid off.

    walked 2 miles with the wife and daughter.



    LEVEL 2 DAY 2

    7:45:64 stayed on the bar for every set of pull ups. this suprised be and really got me excited for next workout.

    did 100 sit ups while watching tv, in sets of 10. really starting to feel better overall more so than when i lifted weights.


    5-13-11 LEVEL 2 DAY 3

    13 pull ups

    26 push ups

    26 squats

    4:44:50 I pushed very hard to get this under 5 minutes and it payed off!! On to level 3


    5-16-11 LEVEL 3 DAY 1

    20 MIN AMRAP

    2 PULL UP

    3 PUSH UP

    5 SQUATS

    30 rounds plus 3 push ups

    I blew through the first ten rounds then the pull ups started to get really hard. Some of the last few sets of pull ups had questionable form. i was spent after this one.


    You are doing very well!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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