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    Hello all,

    Here are the stats: 43 y.o. male, 6’1″, about 225.

    L1D1: 15 sets

    It was a very easy workout because I did it very slooowwwly and I was working out with MonkeyKid (14 y.o.). I am not disappointed though because I actually did something and I know that I will do better in the future. All of the pull-ups were negatives; I look forward to one day cranking out actual, real-life pull-ups.

    Have a great day.


    Welcome aboard!

    Best of luck with the program!


    L1D2 Did the workout. Didn’t worry about time as I went through it pretty quickly. Added a set of tire deadlifts and crunches to each set because I have some back problems and am hoping to get some core stabilization.


    Thanks for the welcome cheapo.

    L1D3: Well the good news is that I have stuck to it through one week. Since I had to do negatives (30 of them), it took quite a bit of time. Pushups were okay and squats were easy. On to next week.


    Week 2

    L1D1: 27 sets

    Did negatives on the pullups (3 for 1). I wanted to quit at 20, but persevered and almost doubled last week’s D1


    Week 2: L1D2

    Did 3 sets and then my pull-up bar broke. No injuries. Finished up the other sets of push-ups and squats.

    I was planning on getting a new pull-up bar anyway as this one was in the doorway and thus did not let me get a wide grip and caused me to bang my elbows.

    It looks like the kitchen table is sturdy enough for bodyrows until I get a new bar. I don’t know how the monkey kids got food under the table but I am going to have to clean that up.

    Happy day.


    Glad there was not injuries on the pullup bar breaking.


    Thanks. The good news is that I can now exercise in the house and it is a bit warmer than the garage. Plus, I am finding body rows to be good exercise.

    Week2: L1D3 (Saturday)

    Used the table for body rows.

    I know my progress is not all that interesting but I will keep posting here as it gives me some measure of accountability. I have done two whole weeks without missing a day. I think that is a personal record (really good at starting, not so good at following through).


    Week 3

    L1D1: The problem about using the table for body rows is that it is hard to clamber under it out out of it quickly for this day. I think that for next week I will do a bunch of rows, flip over to do pullups and go back and forth. Then I’ll do a bunch of squats. I think that keeps it in the spirit of the day (lots of sets with no time in between).

    L1D2: Did 4 of 5 sets as I ran out of time.

    L1D3: Didn’t keep time but did all of it.

    On Saturday I had a good demonstration of functional strength as I needed to move a “bale” of wood that probably weighed 300 pounds or so. I moved it, but it was a little humbling. On the plus side I have already seen progress in my posture and my back does not hurt as much as it used to.

    Onwards and upwards.


    Week 4

    Cold side-lined me so I guess this is/was a rest week.

    [week of Jan 30 – Feb 5]


    Week 5

    W1D1: 20 sets. Using the table for body rows does not work very well, but did twenty sets of rows and push-ups and then did 60 squats.

    W1D2: Done. Did clapping pushups for a little more variety

    W1D3: did not do. :(

    [week of Feb 6-12]


    L1D1: did not do

    L1D2: Finally, I have a pull-up bar again!!. Did the normal amount, subbing 3 negatives for 1 actuBreakfast and al pull-up

    L1D3: Did this as fast as I could, but did not worry about the time as I can’t advance until I master pull-ups. Did some dumbbell snatches afterwards for more fun.

    I have also modified my diet somewhat:

    Cut back on caffiene

    Breakfast and lunch are based on the simplefit diet. Dinner is as best I can (sometimes I make diner, but it is usually safer if my wife does), trying not to take in too many quick carbs.

    Hoping to work off some of that excess stored energy.

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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