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    Lots of ideas floating around in my head, so i think its a good idea to chronicle so I dont forget.

    Starting off info:

    -35 yr male


    -176 lbs

    -approx 20+% bf

    -chronic ‘flat tire’ love handles and slight manboobs

    -pretty strong core/legs. very weak arm strength.

    Growing up, I played tons of sports (tennis, snowboarding, basketball, etc). After having kids, havent been at all active in like 6 years. This is an attempt to get back into it. Generally speaking I’m not interested in ‘bulking up’ or being able to lift like a power lifter. I’m looking for good ‘power to weight ratio’… basically want to be as lean but as strong as possible. Think Bruce Lee. Looks is a secondary goal (i’d be satisfied with being 100% comfortable at the beach).

    Short term goals:

    1) 1 unassisted hanging pull up

    2) 5k run in 20 min.

    3) extended tennis rallies without fatigue (ability to rally for 2 hrs straight without much trouble)

    4) strong overall progression in simplefit

    Medium term goals:

    1) participation and good times in obstacle events (spartan, tough mudder, etc) while completing obstacles competently.

    2) strong enough progression in simplefit to move on to other programs/routines

    Long term goal:

    1) crossfit benchmarks as described by bri3626

    2) some ‘beast skills’… maybe like 1 armed pullups, 1 armed push ups, etc

    3) ???? who knows what lies ahead!

    I find this video very inspiring:

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