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    New here… figured posting some details would do some good along w/ the logs.


    5’9, 173 lbs. Prob around 20% bf. Have been more or less sedentry for the past 6 years. Used to be decently in shape. Started running and going ‘paleo’ diet a few weeks ago before starting simplefit, just to get my body used to doing work again.


    Coming from not doing anything, I started off not really doing “L1D1” but just testing myself to see where I am. As such, I found out i cannot do even 1 pull up. Not even close. So for pull ups I ‘jumped’ up and lowered myself slowly. This in conjunction w/ the push ups and squats netted 20 very easy sets. Most likely could have gone well beyond 30.


    Reading about pull-up substitutions, soulds like body rows are better. I completed the level at approx 3:43. Apparently pull-ups/body rows is really holding me back.


    Hey, don’t let the pull ups get you down. It’s great to hear that you are making some good life choices. Keep up the good work!


    barefootkilt wrote:

    Hey, don’t let the pull ups get you down. It’s great to hear that you are making some good life choices. Keep up the good work!

    Thank you for the encouragement!!!

    Just finished L1D3: 4:57. Time to level up! Of course I did body rows and no pull ups.

    This was harder than i thought it would be. I had to rest w/ my body rows a few times. The last 2 i was ‘training to fail’ so i just rested and re-did them. Push ups was able to bang out around 11 before pausing. Then 6, pause then 4. Squats i just burned thru 21straight away.

    Will test pull up tomorrow.


    L2D1 was pretty brutal for me. Did 21 reps in the 20 min. Substituted the 1 pull up w/ 2 body rows.

    I was out of breath and quivering afterwards (shaking as i was pouring some water). I have to admit, like many others, I thought to myself that SF was ‘too simple’ or ‘too short’. Now I can see how this is going to kick my ass.

    After this week, I’m going to start posting weekly (instead of after every workout).


    Nice job. I’m a once per week poster as well. This is a great start. You’ll have to figure out how you want to make the transition towards pull-ups. Some people move through the levels with the substitutions, while others just keep working on level 1 moving up the substitution ladder. Both ways are legit. The important thing is to keep working on the pull-ups so that you can make that transition as soon as possible.


    thx forthe tip ktg! i’ve decided to go through the regular routine substituting 1 pull up w/ 2 body rows. when i can do 1 pull up (will be a major achievement for me!) i will go back to L1D1.

    i am currently at L3D2 w/ body rows. each workout has been very challenging, esp the body rows. when doing L1D1, body rows were by far holding me back. I will most likely not make the 5 min mark on L3D3.

    Workouts aside, within a months time i have definitely seen aesthetic progress as well. I have dropped approx 10 lbs… from 175 to 165 (in conjunction with semi paleo diet) and see more muscle definition. Clothes fit better. Veins on arms are also more noticeable.


    week 4 was a ‘rest’ week so I went back to L1 (finished week 3 but did not make it even close to the 5 min mark on L3).

    Along the way i realized I could do a chin-up! (still have problems w/ pullups). So started doing L1 with chin ups.

    For week 5 im going to stay on L1 and bang it out w/ as many chin ups as I can. Since my chin ups are vastly inferior, im going to have to vary my other 2 exercises. For push ups im going to use the pull up bar to make them harder… i’m also going to go REAL slow on my squats.


    Great work! Once you get a single chin-up you are on your way. Not getting even close to the 5 minute mark for D3 is par for the course in the early going. It is always hard to believe that it is possible to get it twice as fast, but as the weeks (or more realistically months) go by, the changes start to come.


    L1D1: 17

    L1D2: 5:29

    L1D3: 9:03

    Recent results after switching to chin-ups. Starting last week, in the later reps I needed to ‘support’ myself a bit by pushing my legs up against the door frame… my most recent D3 however I did not use the door.

    Since the chin-ups hold me back, I’ve been using the pullup bar to do push-ups to make them harder and have been doing super slow squats.

    I’ve also been ‘supplementing’ by D2 and D3 with additional push ups and pull ups since the workouts themselves are shorter. However D1 is an absolute killer. I feel like im dying after its done!


    Week 6:

    L1D1: 23

    L1D2: 4:28

    L1D3: 3:36

    Very glad im leveling up this week (i would have been upset if otherwise). Chin-ups are becoming progressively easier. I can now do 3 chin-ups in a row. All week I’ve been supplementing D2 and D3 with added exercises… mainly additional chin-ups. This has helped compensate for the shorter workouts. I’ve also been using the chin-up bar for pushups to make them harder (on L3 i did normal pushups which were very easy after using the pushup bar the past 2 weeks).

    There still remains a huge gap between my chin-ups vs push-ups and squats. Almost all the time on L3 was on chin ups. Pushups i did a set of 15 and then 6. Squats I did 12 and 9.


    Excellent progress! Pull-ups are definitely my weakest part too…stick with it, though, and I think you’ll be amazed at how your body will adapt and you’ll be able to increase the number of pull-ups you can do before you need to drop off the bar for a rest.

    How has your experience been with your paleo diet? How strict are you? We’ve been experimenting with it…not going cold turkey, but making more “paleo” choices for meals. Just curious if you found it a difficult transition or not.


    hey brmc thx for the encouragement! looking at your log you’re pretty beastly… can’t wait to get to those higher levels!

    I’m not strict paleo/primal… basically I’m going very light on the carbs. I’ll have a bit of brown rice a few times a week and maybe some bread when I don’t have a choice, but other than that, pretty much been carb free. I also try to eat lean as much as possible.

    The transition has not been as hard as I thought it would be… and I am an ABSOLUTE FOOD LOVER (i love cooking, love eating adventurously, etc). The 2 biggest challenges is rice (im asian) and not being able to eat sandwiches at lunch (this limits choices tremendously).

    I think the 2 reasons the transition hasnt been bad is 1) I appreciate the food I CAN eat now… there’s a good feeling knowing that the food you just ate is good for your body, and 2) allowing for cheat meals once a week. For example, I’m looking forward to some pizza tomorrow. Having cheat meals for me means there is no ‘forbidden fruit’ which could lead me to binging behavior in the future.


    Week 7:

    L2D1: 17

    L2D2: 7:28

    L2D3: 6:59

    For this past week, i tried to focus on good form… I realized this week I was not doing many of my chin ups from a ‘dead hang’ as i could have. Doing the dead hang chin ups hurt my times and reps.

    Started losing a bit of motivation this week.. then started reading some other peoples logs and that got me going! That being said, im kind of looking forward to the ‘rest’ week for week 8.

    I should also note that I’m playing tennis once or twice a week (around 1.5 to 2 hrs) in addition to my simplefit routine.


    This is solid progress. Keeping with it is the critical thing. Almost everyone struggles the most with the pull-ups, especially in the early stages.


    Week 8 was rest week so went back down to L1. Kind of took it easy as I was feeling a bit burned out. Continue to play tennis 1 or times a week.

    L1D1: 20

    L1D2: 3:26

    L1D3: 3.49

    I’ve decided that even though I can do full pull ups now, that I’m not going to ‘go back’ to L1 and start w/ pull ups. Instead, when I can do 10 chin-ups in a row I’ll switch to pull-ups and will stay at the same level.

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