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    I am really looking forward to sharing tips and experiences with you all. My best tips so far would be go vegan and buy a new bicycle. That’s what I did this past weekend. Still a little cold for biking in WI, but I’ll be out there very soon! Please feel free to post your favorite tips.


    Workout every other day.

    Alternate workouts with either light with many reps (like 3×15) or heavy with few reps (like 3×3).

    Warmup with your weakness.

    For me that means pullups, handstand pushups and muscle-ups.

    Rotate your weakest exercises into your warmup each day.

    Eventually they won’t be your weakness, and rotate in a new weakness instead. My pullup numbers are getting better, so it’s time to concentrate more on my handstand pushups.

    Try to get 8 hours sleep each night.

    Drink mostly water.

    Paleo diet and intermittent fasting seem to help.

    Don’t wory about the numbers on the scale; it’s not how much you weigh, but how you feel that counts.

    Listen to your body, if you are always exhausted then take another day off. If you feel like you have extra energy durring a day off, this may be the day for a new personal record.

    Check your ego at the door; don’t try for massive gains too quickly.

    Remember, this is a lifestyle change and you have the rest of your life to improve patiently.

    Try not doing too much at one time and keep records; every new record should be celebrated – maybe with another drink of water ;)


    janapier1, great stuff


    Admin: maybe if you put some pictures of you on your site, it would give the info (generally ok, but lacking many important things) some much needed credibility.


    I will do a demo of the exercises performed on rings and post them.

    I must warn you I am ugly ;)


    atika wrote:

    Admin: maybe if you put some pictures of you on your site, it would give the info (generally ok, but lacking many important things) some much needed credibility.

    I have no credentials and am no expert I respect your question it is a good one. I am just a normal guy who loves doing research, tried allot of stuff to get in shape, and put all the stuff that really worked together in one place for people to use.

    One day I woke up got out of bed. I stood in front of the mirror and thought, “Who is this fat bastard?” I was fat, really fat and in terrible shape. I’d get winded just brushing my teeth, keeping up with my toddler son, or walking to the couch.

    I decided I was going to lose the fat. In pursuit of a healthier lifestyle, I went online to find a fitness program that would work for me. I was confronted with a serious deluge of marketing bullshit, expensive online programs, food supplements and training equipment.

    After wasting a lot of time and money I stumbled across some great sites like crossfit and theperformancemenu and many others. They offer a wealth of very good, honest how-to information that was credible and not just a ploy to get me to buy things. I went from 212 to 175 while putting on muscle and have maintained it ever since.

    This site is my effort to consolidate, simplify, and organize what I have found to work for other people like me without allot of time who want to get in shape in the most straightforward and effective way IMHO.

    To blindly follow anybodies advise is foolish at best , I am merely presenting data and methods in template form that have worked well for me and others for people to try with out shelling out hard earned cache to the fitness industry. If you do not like something I suggest by all means don’t do it, and if you have suggestions I would love to hear them, I really enjoy learning new stuff.

    You are encouraged to tailer the program to suit your specific needs and there is this community of very cool helpful people ( you have already met some of ) here that will help you based on their personal experience.

    Try it you will like it, just start slow these seemingly simple innocuous workouts tend to sneak up on people more so ironically for people who are already in good shape which it sounds like you are.

    This is me before I could not do 1 dead hang pull up


    This is me know, I often do 40-50 dead hang a workout



    Admin wrote:


    What’s this? Milk? Tisk tisk Kevin. 😆

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