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    Alright, here we go. Long time reader, first time poster.

    I have a very specific situation. I am currently on the road with a bus-and-truck theatrical tour, in a different city every night, and I have little time to work out.

    I am 6’5″, 273 pounds.

    I’ve been doing Simple fit for about three months (starting on level four), lost about 13 pounds and almost two pant sizes. I’ve been substituting pullups for inverted pullups under hotel desks (works suprisingly well) and just doing it whenever I have the time, which is generally 4-5 times a week.

    I’m looking to amp up my routine, all within the confines of a 7×5 space. I have, at my disposal:

    One DoorGym, three elastic bands (light, medium, heavy) and two resistance bands (heavy, very heavy).

    I can do two real pullups at a time, I’m motivated by a recent breakup and ready to get my ass in shape for audition season when I get off the tour in April.

    Please help my kick my own ass.


    1.Diet. Work on your diet, if you aren’t already. Increase protein, moderate carbs, cut out the fried food, keep any alcohol in moderation. Chart your daily calorie intake and adjust accordingly.

    2. Cardio. Get a jump rope. In the space you have, it might give you some great cardio work in a short amount of time.

    3. Intensity. Make the workouts short, but with great intensity.

    4. Rest. Give your body time to rest. You could probably cut your workout days in half, get some rest, and see greater results.

    5. Attitude. You already have motivation, that’s good. Stay positive. You can always come here for help and advice.

    Good luck, and Merry Christmas!


    Thanks for the reply! The diet is something I will have to work harder at, as I pretty much have to eat whatever is around us when we pull into the hotel. I think the jump rope might be exactly what I need, and I will try to rest a day between my workouts.

    SUBQUESTION! What amount of time is ideal for a really efficient, high intensity workout?

    And what about muscle confusion? How often do I change up my workout, and what do I change? Any answers to these questions would be much appreciated!


    fyi, your questions are not being ignored, I just don’t have a good answer for you. :( Hopefully Kevin has some input.


    Hey man, no worries. We all have stuff to do outside these forums. Don’t worry about me, I’ll manage. :D

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