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    Hello, I am just starting out and have asked a question in the training section that may change how I am doing things but am quite happy and am pleased with what i have done so far.

    L1 D1 – 22 reps (about half and half pull-ups/body rows (3 for each pull-up I would have done))

    L1 D2 – 5.16 with a reasonably rest period between sets (no counted) again mixed body rows.

    L1 D3 – 4.30 Body rows

    Today I did L1 D1 and did 25 reps again a mix of pull ups and body rows.

    I will try and keep this up to date.


    welcome neil.

    i have tried to answer your question in the training section.


    I did only day 1 & 2 in my second week as I had to leave for snowboarding on the Friday then couldn’t find a place to do my exercises in the apartment we stayed in at the resort but to be honest got quite a decent workout all week. I then got straight back into it when i got back home which was this last week.

    I did level one again this week.

    Day 1- 27 reps good form body rows 3 for each pull up.

    Day 2- 4.40 not inc. rest time.

    Day 3- 4 mins dead!

    I think I am going to level up this time, but using body rows still, to keep pushing my self and see if it aids me to get to managing proper pull ups!

    What do you guys think? I am 5’11” and 98kg I am quite broad and have quite big legs I find the squats pretty easy and the level 2 workout seems

    more focussed on upping the push ups and squats. I have tried to better my diet to help knock off a bit of the weight but am still just starting out and really can’t do proper pull ups. Your advice would be appreciated!




    I decided to do level one again this week after all.

    D1 – 26 reps

    I dropped 1 rep from last week, but, I did the first 10 reps with 3 reverse pull-ups to sub the 1 pull-up and then did a couple of chin-ups and for the remaining reps I did 3 body rows for each push up.

    I am going to continue for the rest of the week doing 3 reverse pull-ups for each pull up as much as I can. Then if i can do friday under 5 mins like last week I will definitely level up.

    I keep you all posted with my progress later in the week.



    I completed Level 1 Day 2 in 6:10.

    My times have taken a hit from using the negative pull-ups instead of all body rows but I am definitely feeling the extra burn from doing more negative pull-ups.

    Round 1 – 3 neg pull-ups, body rows, 6 push ups and 10 squats

    Round 2 – 3 neg pull-ups, body rows, 6 push ups and 10 squats

    Round 3 – 3 neg pull-ups, body rows, 6 push ups and 10 squats

    Round 4 – 3 neg pull-ups, body rows, 6 push ups and 10 squats

    Round 5 – 1 failed(lowered too fast) neg pull-up, 6 body rows, 6 push ups and 10 squats

    I am aching way more on the inside of my elbows and the outside of my shoulders (wings sort of area). I think this is just from using the muscles I dont normally use as it is not bad painful just achey. To be honest it has almost gone tonight so will try and do as many negative pull ups as I can tomorrow I think they are building the muscles needed to complete a full pull-up but I will be careful. I am hoping I can get to level up tomorrow but I will have to see.


    Oh Man, I manage L1D3 in 4:58.

    I am finding the Negative Pull-ups HARD 😳 I only managed 8 in total through out the 30 subs and they destroyed my time. With body-rows I only managed to complete the pull-up section in 3 minutes and the neg pull-ups destroyed me for the push ups.

    Is it definitely 3 Negative pull-ups for a pull-up?

    I think I should level up as the other exercises aren’t so hard.

    What do you think?


    i would do L1 for another week – but that’s just my personal opinion.


    Thanks for the reply, I will stick with level 1.

    Its nice to have some one back your thoughts up!


    OK, stuck with level 1, was lucky as I didn’t feel too good I think I’m getting a cold.

    I managed 27 reps again but only 6 of the reps were negative pull-ups.

    I used a longer towel which put me way past 45 degrees so pushed it a bit more anyway. I also slowed myself down and focussed on form on all the exercises.

    I am glad that even feeling bad I still did the routine :D , I have great faith in this system as I would never religiously committed to any exercise for this long and would never have gone to the gym feeling like I did yesterday.

    So, I am hopeful that I feel better tomorrow and can get more negatives in to my routine to get some more proggression.

    I wish I could knock the weight off quicker and could do pull-ups, I feel like I am struggling to get going on the level ladder :? .



    OK a fair few work outs to log;

    3/2/2010 L1 – D2

    Did these in about 6.30mins but this time switched to chair assisted pullup (PU)

    5/2/2010 L1 – D3

    Did 10 assisted PU, 10 assisted Chin up (CU) and 10 body rows

    8/2/2010 L1 – D1

    Did 23 rounds, 5 of those were assisted PU the rest body rows

    10/2/2010 L1 – D2

    I did first 4 rounds assisted PU , the last body rows (BR)

    I realised I dont think assisted PU were pushing my progress so I switched to jump negatives pull ups, I knew that it change my numbers until I built up the muscles but I think this is a better approach.

    13/2/2010 L1 – D3

    I did this one in 9.46 but did all jump neg PU

    15/2/2010 L1 – D1

    Only 20 sets first seven were 3 x jump negative PU and the rest were BR

    Today 17/2/2010 L1 – D2

    I did all jump neg PU and managed it in 5.38mins.[/b]


    great stuff, neil – i admire your commitment!

    keep it up!!!


    Thanks Ruli, check my info for the last couple of days I think I am starting to see the benefits now, after the initial dip from switching to trying negative pull ups as much as I can!!

    19/2/2010 L1 – D3

    Managed this in 6.43 all neg pull ups! That’s over 3 minutes faster than last Friday!! :D

    22/2/2010 L1 – D1

    I did 22 reps, the first 13 were negatives that was 2 more reps than last Monday and 6 more of them were negatives! :D

    Really pleased!

    Going to do more tonight, bring on day 2!


    OK some more progress reporting:-

    24/2/2010 L1 – D2

    I did all of the reps as 3xJump negative pull ups in 5.40mins (not counting 3 mins rest between sets).

    26/2/2010 L1 – D3

    Again I did all reps as 3xJump negative pull ups and managed it in 6.31mins. That’s 10 seconds faster than last week.

    1/3/2010 L1 – D1

    As per the last few weeks I aimed my timing at 20 reps and tried to do as many jump negative pull-ups as i could. This time I did the first 15 as neg pull ups thats 2 more than last week.

    I feel a bit like I am struggling to keep doing effectively the same workout/level each week (now i am doing my 9th week) but what it does give me is a scale on which I can see continuous slow progress which is great :D I suppose 🙄


    Any progress is good progress.

    Focus on training on the pullups the best you can, those are the most difficult but most rewarding to improve :D


    3/3/2010 L1 – D2

    1) 2 chin ups, 6 push ups and 10 squats

    2) 1 chin ups + 3 x Negative pull ups, 6 push ups and 10 squats

    3) 1 chin ups + 3 x Negative pull ups, 6 push ups and 10 squats

    4) 1 chin ups + 3 x Negative pull ups, 6 push ups and 10 squats

    5) 1 chin ups + 3 x Negative pull ups, 6 push ups and 10 squats

    Completed in 5.43 mins without rest time (about 3 minutes).

    Today after reading the crossfit pull up description/guide I decided to try and do some chin ups as they said not to focus on just one hand grip but work on your weakest. I have always thought I should concentrate on pull ups not chin ups but thought I would give me some practise starting from dead hang. I was surprised that I could do more than one it feels great. I also concentrated on extra slow negative pull ups.

    Feel really good after today bit of an ego boost after not being able to do a single pull up for 8 1/2 week! :D :D :D :D

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