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    Hey there, I’m new to this forum and also to Simplefit, I really enjoy it so far, but since I’m a newbie, I’ve got a question. It’d be great if any of you could help out!

    I read the workout plan and I’m curious, I didn’t see any exercises for your abs, are you supposed to just do a few after each workout, or are they just not part of the whole training plan? I’m curious about this.

    So far, I really love this plan and I hope to hear more from you,



    I’m no expert, but here is the answer I got from an expert:

    cheapo wrote:

    Because all of pull-ups, push-ups (!) and squats all hit the abs.

    I plan to do some abs on off days, if I can move at all!

    Good luck,



    Absolutely right. If you’re doing pushups with proper form (body in a perfect, immovable straight line) you’ll get plenty of ab work. To test that out, try doing a plank for a full 60 seconds :D . Personally, I’ve never felt any ab recruitment in pullups, aside from the stretch, but always for pushups.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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