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    New “optional” workouts can be found here for those interested in more variety. Let me know what you think.

    If you choose to do these I would sugest

    mon wo 1

    wed wo 2

    fri wo 3

    mon wo 4

    wed wo 5

    fri wo 6

    mon wo 7

    wed start cycle over



    good stuff, its nice to mix in different excercises. I was going to start doing some kettlebell training and mixing it all up somehow. These new workouts sound pretty cool and will help out a ton just by giving me more options. Thanks!


    The more verity the less adaptation, keep your body guessing and you will not plateau. From what I have experienced the base three workouts contain enough variance to keep steady progress through L8 but it is hard to have to much variety,



    Oh ya, I gotta say one thing. I’m in decent shape and not too heavy (6′, 178 lbs.) but for the life of me, I can’t do a handstand. Any good guides or something to help out? I tried against a wall but I think I’m just afraid to totally commit and throw my legs all the way up or something, heh.


    Defiantly do them against a wall or draping your legs over something.

    I am pretty sure you will find good info here.

    I will see what other notes I have.




    it’s fine to have those exercices for those who want more variety ( detailed explanations will be helpful though as some are not common).

    As to myself, I think I will stick to the more simple workout. The thing is, it is so simple, so time optimized, that you simply cannot come up with a valid excuse for not doing it :D

    Thanks again for all your work Kevin !



    I think the core simplefit workout is awesome, it is a complete whole body high intensity interval workout with varying strength/strength endurance levels and will give you and amazing core fitness level so stick with that if you like it most.



    I was looking through the days 4-7 additional workouts, but I’m not sure what an “inverted” pullup is. Is there anywhere that describes the motion? I couldn’t find any information from doing a brief search on Google.


    Sorry I have not had time to update the site. An inverted pull up is basically a pull done up upside down. I do it by getting inverted on my rings and pulling my feet towards the ceiling.

    Best to start with the core 3 for a while unless you are already pretty well conditioned.

    Here is a good resource

    Cheers and welcome!


    Could you suggest me an optional workout that includes situps. I am in the military and I need to stay up on that.

    maybe something like………

    x amount/time pushups

    x amount/time situps

    x amount/time squats


    I would recommend integrating sit ups into the existing workouts for example

    max rounds in 20 min

    2 pull-ups

    4 push-ups

    6 squats

    10 sit ups

    5 rounds for time

    4 pull-ups

    12 push-ups

    20 squats

    30 sit ups

    for time

    20 pull-ups

    41 push-ups

    41 squats

    50 sit ups

    to increase numbers fast avoid going to failure

    also look at other ab exercises like l sits l hangs and evil wheels and mix it up

    Hope that helps

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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