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    Cool I like it. Nice and simple. :)

    I’ve read an e-book about how eating breakfast is super important… and he also recommended eating about 6 meals a day, spread out every 2-3 hours. This ofcourse, totally contradicts your IF advice.

    Is it really all that better than what I’m doing now? My stomach burns meals like a furnace… I’m hungry every few hours. It would take a very large effort to shift to this way of eating, so I need a bit more motivation and knowledge hehe. I can understand not eating before going to bed, but not eating breakfast? Yikes!


    “Simplefits level system is competetive and addictive, you will be excited about the next workout and the chance to beat your last score.”

    I think it should be “Simplefit’s”, and “competitive”. :P


    If is not for everybody but may be worth trying, it has been shown to promote physiological changes that build lean body mas and burn fat. I know seems illogical but there is allot of data to support it, but ultimately it is about what works for you everybody is different hormonally and how they process carbohydrates.

    LOL yeah I could not spell my way out of a paper bag thanks for the heads up.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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