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    I got my husband to install rings for me, and now I want some advice on how to use them for best results. I’ve seen photos of the motions that show different things, so I just want some input on what proper use is. One photo shows a person pulling up from very close to the floor and another shows a guy pulling up from about a 70 degree angle. One shows the person pulling up using an underhand grip and the other shows overhand.

    So what’s the best method?

    Also, I tested out the motion as soon as the rings were installed and it seemed really easy. Still challenging, but nowhere near on par with the pull up bar. Should I be doing more reps or at a higher level with rings? Or is it simply to build strength so I can do more proper pull ups?


    I would say adjust the angle of your body so that you can get the prescribed number of “pull ups” and gradually increase the angle as your strength increases.

    I would use whatever grip feels most natural, most people will see their wrists rotate through the range of motion.

    Congratulations, I consider rings to be one of if not the single best pieces of equipment you can own. Soon you will be doing push ups on them!


    When I do body rows – I use 3 body rows = 1 pullup.

    I vary the angle depending on my mood. I change grips during each set of three. I found that focusing on the arms a bit helped me get to pullups. My long, volleyballer arms were my weakest link. Now that the pullups are being shifted more to my back and shoulders, I’m finding them to be less intimidating.

    Cheers on the rings!


    Well, I think the rings are working out great. I just finished day 2 and it seems challenging, but less so than pull ups. I discovered that if I rest my feet on the futon inside the bedroom, I can do pull ups from a 180 degree angle (flat on my back, pulling straight up). It’s harder than doing it from a smaller angle, so I imagine it’s better for me. I don’t know if I’ll be able to sustain that angle on Friday, but it’s worth a shot.


    I’ll be decreasing my angle (more horizontal) for Day 2 since it is more a ‘strength’ day, and I let my wrist rotate naturally while doing it overhand.



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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