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    And I find it great! I am a 51 year old martial artist and since a few years now I have tried all kind off strengthroutines with deadlift, squat etc. etc.

    Most off the times I ended up beiing so sore or didnt have any energy left to train my martial arts. I train a group off adults every monday evening so I want to be in as good shape as I can.

    So when you read on INternet all these crazy routines, you have to do this, you have to do that etc. etc.

    So for a few weeks I dicided to focus on bodyweight exercises only because I like the push-ups, pull-ups and dips etc. But I couldnt find a good starting point.

    Now with all these levels, I just start with level 1 and work my way up to 8 (I hope :-) and after that I have seen that there are more challenging routines to.

    Thank you very much for keeping it so simple and to share all these information. From now on I am a martial artist who trains only with his bodyweight :-)

    Thanks again and keep up the good work.

    O, I forgot to say, the workouts are easy to put in my weekly schedule off training martial arts and running etc.

    Have only one question, is it okay to do after a bodyweight workout a sprint routine because I want to keep my conditioning good to, so right now I do 1 or 2 sprint sessions a week. That takes me about 20 minutes orso.

    P.s sorry for my bad Englisch, I am from Holland.


    I designed this program the way I did because I come from a martial arts background and wanted something similar to a belt system.

    Glad you like it



    Hello Kevin,

    it works great, I have just start with day 1 level 1 and manage 37 rounds in good form.

    Maybay its better to go some levels up?

    And I saw the diffcult exercises such as:

    10 lunge

    10 Push up

    10 pull ups

    10 dips

    10 l-hang

    10 back extensions

    10 plank

    10 squat

    10 hand stand push ups

    10 inverted pull ups

    But I dont now how you can do 10 plank. Is this in seconds orso?

    And what is inverted row?

    And last question, what is 10 l-hang?

    Okay take care now and keep up the good work. I am alreday hooked on this kind off exercises. I feel great after only one workout :-)


    Just wanted to post somewhere to say that this site is great!!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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