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    A buddy pointed me to this site so I thought I’d try the workout. Just curious, I had to try the variation on chin-ups (I did 3 substitutions for each 1 required) as I am not strong enough. i.e 3(sub. chinups) 2 push-ups, 3 squats as a set. I made it to 30 sets in the 20 min. Do you actually count that as 30 given the subs or should the number be reduced as a result? Also how do you determine when to move up a level? I feel like I have the cardio ability to attempt at least the second maybe the third level but obviously would have to use subs for the chinups. Should I wait until I can do full chinups before moving up a level? Honestly I think it would take a long time to be able to do the full chinups and that would leave me at a level 1 for a long time despite having the ability to do the rest of the set at a higher level. Not trying to sound cocky but as a big guy with good cardio and poor chinup ability I’m unclear as to how to approach the workouts in a way that would give maximum results. Any advice is appreciated.


    Hi and welcome!

    The test is on day 3. I too am a big guy (was a LOT bigger before I dieted) and had no pullups when I started. I took the purist’s approach. I wouldn’t move up until I met the requirements for day 3 with legitimate pullups.

    It’s up to you. Some will say move up when you get under 5mins on day 3 even if you are subbing.

    Definitely count your 30 as 30 – just indicate that you were subbing. Doing 25 with a few non-sub rounds is an improvement, IMO. Just chart progress as progress.

    Go look at workout logs (especially the early posts) of those of us who’ve been at it awhile.



    Welcome Anubis!

    I’m three weeks in so I can’t speak for long term results. But three weeks in and my results are very tangible.

    I share Volleyball_man’s viewpoint. I’m a purist as well. Stick with Level 1 until you can do true, full pullups. Like VBM says, maybe start throwing in real pull-ups. Just stick with it and you’ll be able to do them.


    Thanks for the advice, it clarified my questions. I’ll stick to the advice of not moving up until I can actually do chinups; though I imagine it will take a long time to get past level 1 that way! 👿

    I apologize for writing redundant questions and for posting them in the wrong place. I had a flip through some of the other forums and found that my questions had already been answered so thanks again for re-answering them. I’ll end the post and just start a new one here that is actually relevant to the area. Forgive my newbie mistake, I’m sure I’ll have many more.



    100 burpees.


    anubis wrote:

    … though I imagine it will take a long time to get past level 1 that way!

    It’s much faster than you think. Eat good food, stay with the program, and the results will come.


    Will do my best to stick with it as routinely as possible. Diet is always tough as I’m a strict vegetarian. Dairy is ok but no meat fish eggs poultry etc. So whey protein and tofu seem to be my best friend!

    Also will try to squeeze those 100 burpees in for pennance this week sometime.

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