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    I found this site yesterday while searching for bodyweight exercises and you seem like such a friendly bunch I though I would join in. I like the idea of keeping accountable by posting my workouts and food log daily.

    I’m a married SAHM to two boys aged 6 and 8. I have about 40 pounds of excess fat I need to lose and I know from experience that for me its about 95% diet and diet is the bit I have trouble with, so that will be my main focus for now.

    I’m not completely new to exercising but I am new to this style of training. I bought myself a pullup bar about 2 weeks ago and have been playing around with it and working on my pushups. I can’t do a single pullup and know I won’t be able to until I lose quite a bit of weight but I am using one foot on a step to assist myself and I feel like that is doing me some good because I can really feel it. Also I have been just grasping the bar and hanging there for a few seconds after my workout (which is hard enough) to try to improve my grip. I can eek out a few pushups from my toes with my hands on a 12 inch step, but my range of motion is limited, however I have already made some great progress there in the last couple of weeks so I am looking forward to going my first full pushup on the floor soon. The squats I can do LOL, just need to concentrate on my form to keep myself honest.

    So you can see I have a long way to go but I am really excited to get started. I will be doing W1L1 tomorrow and I’m sure its going to be killer.

    Thanks for listening to me prattle on.




    Great to have you here



    I want to try to convince my SAHM wife to join in!

    I too had NO pullups to start with – but have improved to 2 pullups in one month. I did some body rows (see my WO log) and feel like they will help.

    Welcome and good luck!


    Welcome !!


    Thanks for the welcome guys.

    Ha thats funny volleyball man, I am hoping my hubby will join in once he sees how quick and effective these workouts are. Guess we can only lead by example, my boys sure do love doing pull-ups on the bar though.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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