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    noobie to the forum & first post.

    I just completed my first week of Simplefit. I cannot do regular pullups (yet), I have installed gymnastic rings in my work out area, and use them for inverse rows as a sub for the pull ups. My body was at approximately a 45ยบ angle from the floor with arms extended for the rows.

    i read that “generally” one uses three (3) substitutes for one (1) pullup. On day 3 (judgement day, which was this morning) it seems like I am doing more pull up subs than the other exercises. Seemed that way on day 2 as well. My question is this – would I be ok to lower the gymnastic rings, there by increasing the intensity of the rows, and use two (2) rows/subs to one (1) pullup? Thanks :)

    FWIW, completed L1D3 today in 4 minutes, and that was with 30 rings rows – although i did have to take a break during them. On to level two !


    I’m going to let the other more experienced Simplefitters answer your question since I have only just completed my 4th week of SF. But welcome to the world of Simplefit. I think you will like it.



    45 degrees is reasonable. go with what your comfortable with. ring rows are an excellent way to develop your pullups. I would suggest just doing the regular ring rows for each pullup prescribed for now. You want to move up in levels sufficiently and adding a 3 to 1 ratio may hinder you somewhat but I can’t say that for sure. As you go up in levels you will see a lot of ring rows heh. level 8 for example would be 150; challenging even to fairly fit folks. The idea is to move on to pullups. Try setting up your rings before every workout and getting a clean pullup. make sure your good and warmed up first then make an attempt. If you don’t get it no biggie, move on to your normal ring rows and the workout. Or you could attempt a clean pullup once a week say at the start of day 1. However, I would suggest just doing the reps as prescribed and see how you do. If you hit level 8 and are still having trouble getting a clean pullup then you may need to change your program a bit adding in jumping pullups for example or doing a “Grease the groove” program. Essentially “Grease the Groove” just means that you set yourself up at regular intervels throughout the day to do pullups, nothing to excess just a few clean ones. I’ve done that a few times and it seemed to help. Good luck!


    Thanks :)

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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