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    Hey everyone,

    Finally starting after staring at the webpage for the past who know how many months…

    Just a a quick question or to

    What do you guys do on the off days? I plan on Simplefit being my Mon, Wed, Fri workout(pretty standard I assume) Just curious what others do on tues thurs and weekends.

    I’ve got an ab routine I really like and have been doing on rest days,(and a couple times the past couple weeks) but with it being my first week of Simplefit I may be biting off a little more then i can chew at the moment haha.

    Also Day 1 was a killer for me. My endurance is terrible… I was able to get about 12 rounds down with 6 minutes left but I was so dead I spent the last 6 minutes unable to start another round. Just curious if anyone else has gone through that(Im sure Im not the only one but it was so discouraging, I mean a real bummer)

    I just finished L1D2 today so like I said just starting D2 time was about 6 minutes with a 2 minute break between each round.

    So thanks in advance, really happy I found something that I feel will help me out, especially with lack of a gym or gym equipment around my area.

    Doji Grovesai

    I’ve only just started, but I’m also putting SimpleFit as a MWF workout. My Tuesdays and Thursdays are usually 15 hour days, though, so I don’t plan on doing anything there. But probably yoga on Saturday, and nothing on Sunday. If I had the time, I’d probably do yoga on Tues/Thurs. Or get back into martial arts.


    I would just concentrate on doing the best you can with SF for now and worry about the off days in the future. You need the off days to recover. Everyone is different. Everyone’s endurance is different. As the saying goes — “one day at a time.” Don’t exhaust yourself.


    Hey thanks a lot guys. The day after I posted this I found out I was a little more sore then I had anticipated so I took Thursday off. And with how tough D3 seemed this morning I think tomorrow may be a rest day as well haha. (I did finish D3 in 4min 21 sec so I was pretty happy about that)

    Thanks again

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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