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    Hi, I’ve been trying to improve my diet over the last year or so, and must say I feel better, more energy. but have no lost any weight :-(

    So, I guess I need to change it. I guess i’ll start by posting my diet here.

    Morning –

    1 -2 eggs with 1 Slice of WW toast, sometimes 1 egg with a little cheese. on WW bread


    Handfull of carrots, or natural PB


    Chicken Cutlet and 1 cup of onions lightly fried in OO -OR-

    Subway 6″ Chicken sub on WW with let, tom, lettuce and Mustard -OR-


    low fat yogurt or Handfull of nuts


    Always 1 side of meat (usually chicken, sometimes beef) with side of mixed vegetables (carrots, corn, sometimes onions/peppers)


    TBSP of Natural PB and/or Yogurt

    Ok, let me have it……Its time for change…


    Need more info,

    Age, Sex, Height, Weight, Activity Level…



    I am Male, 34 – 6 foot tall 242 lbs.

    Activity I do brazilian jiu-jitsu 2 X a week, hockey 1X a week and my simplefit level one three times a week.

    Please let me know anything else.


    I’m 6’4 245 – and I do the CrossFit WODs (mostly scaled, but more and more close to Rx’d). I eat a bit more that you. I am not looking to drop pounds at all – in fact I’d be happy to lose a little fat and land somewhere around 250 – 260 according to my frame.

    242 at 6′ is possibly a healthy weight for you as well. I’d focus on what you are eating – not the volume. Corn, carrots, all the bread, these are no-nos. I also wouldn’t pay attention to the weight. I am gaining weight but tightening my belt. I just started the Zone diet, in earnest, last week. I already notice a difference in my energy levels and ability to focus. I wish it were more feasible to include only paleo friendly items, but it isn’t. I do the best I can and definitely follow the Zone block prescription for my type 23 blocks per day.

    If you go the the Zone Diet website, there’s a calculator you can use to find what your intake should be. It said I should have 28 blocks! I spoke to Nicole (from CrossFit) at the certification I attended a couple of weeks ago and she said, “Try 23 to start.”

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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