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    hi folks,

    I’ve been a long time lurker here… nearly got up to level 4 once (completed level 3 in time) but never been able to keep a program going regularly for more than a couple of weeks (usually I end up getting sick – don’t know if its connected to the exercise).

    Anyway I recently had some back problems and visited an osteopath (in the UK – I think this is closer to a chiropractor in the US but chiropractors here are a bit different). The manipulations and such helped but he said I have a tendency to roll my shoulders forward and hunch up. To counteract this I am stretching my pecs several times a day – and would like to start exercising again properly. He said simplefit type exercises were fine, but recommended adding a pulling exercise (he suggested bent over dumbell rows I think) to counteract the effect of pushups to develop the front of the chest and pull me forward.

    So I was planning to get some rings and do body rows – I was thinking of doing same numebr of body rows as pushups and leaving out pulls/chins for a while, then start to put them in again I guess.

    Just wondered what people thought about this – whether body rows are the best thing to get this effect, whether I should just add them and keep the pulls etc.



    Pull-ups are a pulling exercise. 😉

    When you do them, instead of pulling yourself up, imagine that you are pulling your elbows down and then back, so that they’ll touch behind your back. This will expand your chest and bring it to the bar, both very good things.


    Aside from pushing and pulling exercises you can do also some other exercises like jogging or walking every morning. Using dumb bells and barbels have also something to do with that. Bicycling and swimming are another exercises for you to consider.


    Good posture is definitely all about balancing out muscle groups. So in your case a little extra attention to your back would probably be good. Why not do one week using pullups and the next week using body rows/dumbbell rows and keep alternating?


    How do you start exercising again after being sick? Until recently I was exercising every day. I’ve kept that up for over a year. But then I got a bad case of bronchitis and I was unable to exercise for almost a month. Now that I’m over it, I’m having a REALLY hard time starting up exercising again. I try to go jogging and I get winded really easily. It’s really frustrating and I feel like giving up. Has this happened to anyone else? How do you get back into your exercise routine after being sick?


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Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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