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    You guys are going to love this.

    Lat night was supposed to be D1L4 (my first time performing D1 at that level).

    I built my own door-mounted chin-up bar using a pair of joist hangers and a 1.5″ diameter dowel. After the first length of dowel began to crack, I went shopping for a length of pipe to replace it. It was late and I only had time to visit one building centre and they didn’t have any black pipe. So, we used another length of dowel.

    Being aware of the marginal suitability of the dowel for this task, I have been careful to execute my pullups smoothly, so as not to create an excessive load on the bar. Last night, I forgot about that. I hoisted myself up, and, at the apex of my first pullup, the bar snapped in two. There were no warning creaks, it just busted.

    As I fell, one of the busted ends of the bar, which I still held in my hand, scraped my temple. A very minor scratch. Then my feet hit the floor. My knees were bent (the bar is not so high that I can dangle with my legs straight) so as my feet hit, my knees bent very quickly (me legs were completely relaxed) and wrenched my lumbar. Then, my knees smashed into the floor. (Kinda like in Ong Bak LOL) Oooh! Did I ever yell. I ran around the house cursing and yelling and holding both my knees. Asked my wife (and workout mate), while still hunched over and grunting “is there any ice?”

    My daughter, upstairs at the time, thought the fridge must have fallen on me (it’s the only thing she could imagine making as much noise as my knees did when they hit the floor). The dog came running. My son, just put to bed, didn’t make a peep, but I went up to reassure him nonetheless.

    My knees are OK. Most of the pain seems to be in the skin itself. Though the joint got a good hard knock, the net result is that I skinned my knees, basically. My lower back has some ongoing soreness and twinges, but I think it will be OK.


    Did you get it on video ;)

    Be careful, glad to hear you are ok.


    Ooh, I can imagine exactly how you fell and tweaked your back too.

    Well, in order to make you feel better, I was showing off after the kids baseball practice and went to do the monkey bar thing where you “walk” with your hands across about 15 feet. I did a superb job and then when I was walking out of the jungle gym, didn’t notice the low bar and bashed my head on it. I still have the lump on top of my head.


    Cheapo: That sounds like it hurt. When I was a kid I had a chin-up bar which I used for doing “skin the cats”, hanging by my knees and other sort of things.

    I hung it in my bedroom door and forgot to take it down. Later that day my sister ran down the hall full speed and hit it right at eye level. When I my Mom told me all I got was a vision of my sister hitting the floor, a la Three Stooges, and laughed my head off. It was the only time I got smacked as a kid. And it earned me the label of the evil sister.

    So word of warning. Be careful where you hang chin up bars. They tend to blend in the back ground. (I know it’s wrong, but it still makes me laugh when I think of it.)


    One word: OWE!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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