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    I took a look at the workout but I’m not clear on the routine.

    Level 1, Day 1, Max Rounds in 20 mins.

    1 pull up, 2 push ups, 3 squats.

    Does that mean I do the above for as many times as I can in 20 minutes? Am I supposed to be adding weight to the squat bar?

    Level 1, Day 2, 5 Rounds For Time.

    5 pull ups, 6 pushups, 10 squats.

    Does this mean that I’m supposed to see just how quickly I can get each round done or each individual exercise within the round? Again, what about weights for the squats?

    Level 1, Day 3, For Time

    10 Pullups, 21 pushups, 21 squats

    So, no rounds, just do all of this in the shortest amount of time possible? Again, what about weight for the squats?

    Also, can I do the squats on the Smith Machine and the Pullups on the Gravitron?

    Would really like to give this workout a try but just need to be clear on at least day one.


    Hi and Welcome!

    For L1D1 do as many rounds as you can in 20 minutes. I don’t use weights for the squats. The squats are best seen on this video from crossfit. Some use weighted vests or dumbbells. When these are done with proper form, they are a challenge without the weight.

    On L1D2 5 rounds with up to 3 mins rest between each – count time minus the rest you take.

    On L1D3 try to beat the clock. No weight required.

    If you can’t do full weight, proper pullups, then bodyrows are recommended. The general rule for subbing with bodyrows is 3 bodyrows = 1 pullup.

    Browse the workout log thread for interpretations of all of the above. And keep asking.

    Again, welcome!


    Great explanation vbm!




    Search is broken, so I can’t find the post, but here is the basics of each day in regards to purpose).

    Day 1: Endurance… pushing yourself to do as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes for the full 20 minutes

    Day 2: Strength… I suggest that if you can complete each ’round’ of day 2 without a break, you slow every movement down so that you NEED the 3 minute break between rounds.

    Day 3: Test Day… be aware of your limits and how to balance workouts and rests to complete the full workout in as short a time as possible (clock keeps counting until its done, through rest, water, whatever).


    Found and fixed the search bug


    Ahh. I guess I’ve been approaching Day 2 incorrectly. I have been trying to go for speed. A focus on strength makes more sense. I’ll definitley adjust accordingly.

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