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    first off, hello all…stumbled upon this site while look for some low impact workout routines (knees and ankles are shot after years of skateboarding abuse). Anyway, the time factor involved is what I find so intriguing about this method, as it seems like something I can easily incorporate into my mornings before work…while I’m still somewhat motivated 😆

    anyway, enough about that and back to my question: currently I have an older weight station/machine thing that has a pulldown bar on it…would this be adequate as a pullup sub (assuming it’d still be the 3:1 ratio) until I can get the money (and probably strength) together for a proper bar? Currently I can near max out on the weights comfortably for about 10 reps…but due to the compound nature (and my losing of the manual)…I’m not sure what that actually translates into in real world weight.

    thanks in advance for any input, and if that solution will work I intend to start my log this coming monday.

    p.s. would incorporating some weight lifting with a curl bar (only around 50lbs.) be beneficial at all to what is already listed in the program…or is that rather unnecessary?


    First of all welcome and good luck in starting the program. Second, you’re correct in assuming that lat pull-downs are not equal to pull-ups. Pull-ups involve more muscles and core stabilization that just isn’t there with the lat pulldown. As such, I would say that subbing bodyrows would be your best bet for substitutions. But, if you don’t have a place to do those, then I don’t think subbing lat pull-downs for a while would be a waste of time. You work with what you’ve got. As far as ratio, do you have anywhere you can try out bodyrows? It wouldn’t have to be permanent, just a place where you can get a feel for how difficult it is for you to do say 5 body rows, then guesstimate how many lat pull-downs feels the same effort-wise.

    And finally, I incorporate other exercises in my simplefit exercises when I have time but I’ve found a complete lack of need for any arm exercises for biceps or triceps. Varying my push-up stance works my triceps and I throw in chin-ups instead of pull-ups every now and then to target the biceps and my arms are doing fine. I couldn’t care less if I ever did another curl.

    If you want to incorporate other exercises as your progress try the compound movements like deadlifts, thrusters, bent over rows, presses etc. Focus on those big muscles and you’ll force the smaller muscles to grow as well.

    Good Luck.


    well put splint. Welcome 7twelve!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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