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    Anyone have recommendations on how to vary the pullup portion of SimpleFit? Would it be better to stick with the same variation (ie. all pullup, all chinup, all wide grip, etc.) for the entirety of a daily routine or vary it within the daily routine.

    I have tried it both ways and felt that the pullup portion of the routine became a bit too easy if I was constantly changing my grip. On the other hand, it can be useful for the first week or so of a new level to just get through the added reps that the body isn’t used to.

    Also, how would you recommend to break it up overall? What “%” pullups, chinups, mixed grip and wide grip? I know they are all important and all should be worked in. I am just wondering if I should split it evenly or give more time to one in specific.


    I think lots of people on this board have mixed up the pullup part of their workouts between pullups and chinups so go for it. I’d stick to the one exercise per workout instead of mixing chins and pullups within the same day because it will allow you to focus on the workout instead of having to remember what comes next (keeps the simple in simplefit) and you’ll probably also get a faster time with your muscles working only the one type of exercise. Also, I’d avoid the really wide chin pullups. They’re not great for your shoulders (especially at high reps) and won’t build a wider back than regular pullups.


    I’ve been mixing pull-ups and chin-ups for as long as I’ve been doing Simplefit and it’s worked out quite well for me. Granted, this means I can do more reps by mixing than if I just stuck to pull-ups, but I remain unconcerned, since I’ve been seeing gains in strength in both my arms and my back. I do my best to split them 50/50, although until recently I’ve been doing more chin-ups, but it’s been leveling off. Experiment and see what works for you.


    This is a bit of a question really.

    If when you say you are mixing pull ups and chin ups does this include D3? I have tried to stick with the purist approach of not levelling up unless I did all pullups on D3, I know that some people on here have seen great progress levelling up using substitutes! I feel like my choice to follow a strict levelling system is stopping me from benefitting from the extra push ups and squats I would get if I was a level or 2 ahead of where I am now! I think that if I split D3 up and did some chin ups I could maybe level up. Is that a good idea? I know that its different for everyone I just wanted to get peoples thoughts.


    Thanks for the replies so far everyone! I have taken your advice and advice from members on a couple other forums and decided to stick with only shoulder width chins/pulls. I will throw in mixed grip every once in a while, but probably not much in the SimpleFit routines. I have also decided to use a grip throughout the entire day of a routine instead of changing within the workout. I feel this will be the most beneficial. I did L5D3 today and stuck with one grip and brought my time down by over minute from last week.

    Here is a great link comparing pullups/chinups. It talks about the benefits of each. See point #6 http://leangains.blogspot.com/2010/05/10-random-thoughts-on-weight-training.html


    Neilfenstein wrote:

    I have tried to stick with the purist approach of not levelling up unless I did all pullups on D3

    this is also my approach, but unfortunately i cannot do pull-ups due to an elbow injury, so neutral grip will have to do.

    as for mixing it up, i do it often, especially on D1. it just gives a bit of variety to the routine.


    My D1 routines are normally horizontal inverted/body rows. They are lower impact than pull/chin ups and I find that I can achieve more rounds which increase the number of the other exercises (push up and squats) that I am doing.

    After getting to level 2 I thought that I needed to do more pull-ups to be able to do the newer higher amount of D3 pull ups. So, I switched to pull ups on D1 and really struggled with sore left elbow during the first couple of weeks. I think as time goes on I feel that I may be cheating a bit on D1 and will try to do ALL pull ups as Pull ups. But at the moment I want to do as much exercise overall to beat the fat. I am doing the D3 as pull ups which is what matters when levelling up. I do as many pull ups as I can which is normally all of them, but, if worst comes to worse I switch to chin ups.

    As has been said a lot on here you have to take it at you own pace. I would rather cheat a bit and do rows on D1 and stay exercising than nothing because I hurt myself.

    I totally agree with mixing it up, the rows on D1 also help me mix it up rather than feeling like I am struggling all week long with the pull ups in the routines lol!

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